It is not a secret that Toyota is seeking to reinforce its image through sportsmanship with the idea of ​​abandoning the idea of ​​”washing machine with wheels” that was had in the cars of its brand until very recently. He started by presenting the GR Sport line, and then went big with the GR Supra and GR Yaris. Many of us are waiting for Gazoo Racing (GR) to get to Corolla, beyond GR-Sport, but for now we will have to wait. Although to whet the appetite a little, the Japanese firm has shown the Toyota Corolla Apex Edition 2021.

Sports compact cars can be a practical way to enter the world of the motor enthusiast. The formula is simple: the suspension is tightened a bit, the assembly is made to look a little more aggressive (important to add some red) and then a little power is added to the engine. The Corolla Apex Edition could have been a good example for that classic formula, but this version just doesn’t get there, at least on paper. While the chassis has been updated to outline each curve (apex means vertex in English), the rest of the set is more noise than nuts.

According to the Japanese firm, the Corolla Apex Edition “maximizes the inherent potential of the Corolla Sedan’s heavy-duty TNGA-C platform, multi-link rear suspension, and 171hp Dynamic Force 2.0 engine.” With current standards, a 2.0-liter unit with 171 CV and 205 Nm not that it sounds especially sporty, and even less when it is associated with a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT); Although there is a manual option. So well, maybe the part of the powertrain is not the one that can most attract the attention of the most Quemadillo.

But let’s go to the set-up. Updates also include shock absorbers with a specific setting thanks to a set of new springs and stronger stabilizer bars that manage to increase the rigidity of the set, and therefore also the maneuverability when facing a section of curves. Thanks to these improvements, the 2021 Toyota Corolla Apex Edition increases stiffness by 47% at the front and by 33% at the rear. The height is also reduced by 15 millimeters with the new calibration, while the electric power steering has been redesigned.

Unsprung weight has also been reduced thanks to a set of unique gloss black wheels that reduce weight by one kilo per corner. Toyota claims they also improve brake cooling. Therefore, we are facing a Corolla that, for once, does not seem to be the typical means of transport that takes you from point A to point B, without making you feel contempt for the habit of driving. But that does not mean that it has ceased to fulfill that function like no other, otherwise it would cease to have the greatest benefits of Corolla.

As for the aesthetic section, the Corolla Apex Edition wins integers thanks to its kit custom black body with bronze details –Instead of subscribing to the red like the rest–, and a spoiler front, covers for fog lamps, side moldings and a rear diffuser that bets directly on black. A small spoiler on the rear boot lid will be available as an option. Customers can enjoy this special edition in three colors: Cement Grey with the roof on Black Sand Pearl, Super White with the roof Black Sand Pearl The Black Sand Pearl full.

Regardless of the shade chosen for the exterior, all Toyota Corolla Apex Editions come with black-tinted mirror caps. On the other hand, the interior receives a premium fabric upholstery, although you can opt for a black fabric upholstered with SofTex. In the latter case, heated front seats are included, including the driver’s seat with eight-way power adjustment and lumbar support. Of course, there is no lack eight inch screen with connectivity with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto dominating the dashboard.

While the 2021 Toyota Corolla Apex Edition isn’t as radical underneath as it looks from the outside, there are two huge “buts”: it will only be available to the US market and will be limited to 6,000 unitsOf which only 120 will come equipped with a manual transmission. Coming to local dealerships starting in October at a starting price of $ 23,230 (20.375 euros). It would be unfair to make a direct comparison with European rates, but it is not too high a bill. The Corolla Sedan starts in Spain from 21,450 euros in the form of a hybrid with 122 HP.

Source: Toyota

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