After a lackluster match, concluded with another defeat (2-1) in Breton lands, The Voice of Sports and The team drew the conclusions of a disturbing performance from the Lille collective.

Friday evening, the LOSC ran into a great team from Lorient (2-1), and plunged a little more into the hard before approaching the Champions League. Dominated, helpless and disappointing, the Mastiffs never gave the impression of being able to win this match. Worse, the bill could have been much saltier without an Ivo Grbic great evenings. A service highlighted by the two sports dailies The Voice of Sports and The team, which give him a score of 6 and 7 respectively. « Two huge stops in front of Lauriente (1st and 13th) then another one facing Silva (27e), there is Maignan in this Ivo Grbic. He … not can not much on the goals of Lorient, shot by Lauriente then hidden by Reinildo on the second. Maybe a little less solid in the air », Notes the regional daily.

Another meager satisfaction of the evening, the performance of Burak Yilmaz, goalscorer on penalty in the first half and noted 6 in both logs: « Even if he loses the ball on the Lorient goal, he gets a penalty on a hook that would have been devastating without the unfortunate intervention of Laporte. Three slow steps of momentum and he does justice to himself (24e). A lot of energy spent in dry cleaning and in the desire to make a difference. His strike in the 81st, after a serve from David, made the Moustoir ».

On the flops side, it’s hard not to mention Jonathan’s completely failed performance Icon. The former Parisian has always seemed to setback, see little interested, especially in the defensive game of his team. He is the lowest rated player, with a score of 3 in The Voice of Sports and The team, who concluded from his service that: « His relationship with Yilmaz its limited in the first period to a badly ended action by Angel Gomes (45e + 2). Technical waste, balls that are a little too dribbled. And feweffforts defensive. His strike did not worry Nardi ».

Finally, the Mozambican reinildo once again disappointed against the Merlus. Him who was so strong last season, qualified by some observers of the best side of Ligue 1, does not seem more than a shadow of himself. It is part of the flops of the two sports dailies, with a score of 4: « It is he who is caught cold by Moffi on the first goal. Much more inspired later, he even managed to very pretty technical moves… who have not paid. And then he leaves Moffi free of any marking and misses his tackle 3 minutes from the end. Fatal error for the LOSC »Concludes The Voice of Sports.

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