MIt was the third oldest woman in the world, and the oldest woman in Brazil and Latin America. Folha de São Paulo reports that Francisca Celsa dos Santos died on October 5th as a result of pneumonia. He was 116 years old and 17 days away from celebrating his 117th birthday.

Francisca Celsa dos Santos was born in Cascavel, located in the metropolitan region of Fortaleza, and worked with handicraft for most of her life. The woman experienced two pandemics, the Spanish flu and the coronavirus, from which she escaped unharmed.

From the age of 80 onwards, Francisca Celsa dos Santos stated with an annual frequency that “I will not go beyond that year”. However, he stood out for his health. Folha de São Paulo states that until this pneumonia, which proved fatal, Francisca Celsa dos Santos was only sick once in her life, when, in her 80s, she was diagnosed with stomach cancer.

As she did not like hospitals, she avoided being hospitalized and underwent treatment at home with natural remedies, said her granddaughter Fernanda Celsa.

Francisca Celsa dos Santos was recognized by Guinness as the oldest woman in Latin America the day before she died. The woman leaves three daughters, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

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