The theme for Ryu’s Street Fighter 6 comes straight from Radio Jet

A dramatic interpretation of Ryu’s new theme takes me on a tour.
GIF: Capcom/Red Bull/Kotaku

Music has always played an important role street fighter Series. Heck, you can’t even think about that arcade game from 2001 Capcom vs SNK 2 Without piano sound off That’s the real love we make It’s in your head. This shit hits and it’s like people are in it Capcom makes more great tunes street fighter 6.

Day of Responsibility street fighter YouTube has uploaded Ryu’s new title track “Fight Hobo” called “Viator”. Although I skipped listening to the new topics see And the lady who never crosses her leg Chun LiSomething happened to me today and I decided to listen to Ryu’s new pop. Guys maybe I need to take Gauri Han and Main Ryu away street fighter 6 Because his new topic is direct heat.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the longest theme (so far) will belong to the main character of the series, but what I didn’t expect was that her theme was going to be funky as hell. I had to check my tabs to make sure they weren’t there 2 milo music Accidentally playing in the background. The flavor text in Ryu’s theme description wasn’t kidding as he said we would feel the journey he’s taken throughout the series and the energy SF6 hide it for him. I bet part of Ryu’s journey involves a trip to Jetset-RadioTokyo how cool ‘Viator’ is.

Unlike Ryo Street Fighter V featureFeaturing all the pomp and circumstance of the song played during the fantasy anime battle finale, “Viator” is more modern and upbeat, matching the shimmering colors of the graffiti imagery featured in it SF6Bares and finished.

Interspersed with the pounding of horns and the jubilant licks of “Viator’s” groovy hip-hop record I can assume Shimasin Rios harmoniously reflects countless battles around the world while giving you something to hop your booty on while you kick people’s asses.

After playing Ryu’s thread a few times today, I started giggling at the parental warning message at the top of my video viewers that it “may contain content inappropriate for children”. While Ryu’s theme isn’t exactly “making music that makes kids” it’s pretty close. Let’s just hope for Sakura Capcom doesn’t put it in SF6 Because god knows what would happen if she was on the other end of Ryu’s new thread.

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