The thanks of Carlo and Camilla, 'deeply moved'

The thanks of Carlo and Camilla, 'deeply moved'

The message that King Charles III and Queen Camilla entrusted today to a Buckingham Palace spokesman the day after the popular response to the solemn coronation in Westminster Abbey in London is a moving thank you. The sovereigns say they are “deeply touched” by the reception received and “deeply grateful” to all those who helped organize the event as part of “such a glorious occasion”, said the spokesman. Not without underlining “the number” of those who have shown “support for their majesties”, and will continue to do so in the celebratory events scheduled in London and in the Kingdom today and tomorrow. The Queen’s Coronation bouquet has been laid at the Grave of the Unknown Warrior at Her Majesty’s request, following yesterday’s #Coronation Service. — The Royal Family (@RoyalFamily) May 7, 2023 LIVE PHOTO King Charles III and Queen Camilla left Buckingham Palace, thus officially kicking off the day destined to culminate with their formal coronation in Westminster Abbey. Charles waited as heir for 70 years to ascend the throne. In the streets of London, crowds wave flags, sing and celebrate THE SPECIAL © Ansa As is customary, thousands of ‘street parties’ and ‘coronation lunches’ are scheduled today in the United Kingdom, marking the moment when subjects celebrate in own communities, the day after the ceremony with which Charles III and Camilla formally ascended the throne. And some members of the royal family will visit the picnics and tables that will be set up in neighborhoods and parks across the country as popular tradition dictates. The second day of celebration over the long weekend set up on the occasion of the coronation will culminate in the concert at Windsor Castle scheduled for tonight at 8pm local time and broadcast live on TV, where international stars will perform including Andrea Bocelli, Katy Perry and the Take That. ANSA agency Mostly British citizens, but also many Italians sitting on the lawn with the BBC live broadcast on the big screen (ANSA) REPRODUCTION RESERVED © Copyright ANSA

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