The tender video of María T Barreto’s daughter with William Levy

‘Woman-fragranced coffee’ had the fortune of bringing together great national and international actors on the same set. In fact, it was the production that brought the Cuban actor back to the small screen. William Levy, who has more than one viewer sighing.

Levy plays Sebastián Vallejo, Marcela’s brother, a character that the actress brings to life Maria Teresa Barreto, who we have seen in other productions such as ‘Floricienta’ and ‘Summer in Venice’.

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The talented woman puts herself in the shoes of Sebastian’s spoiled and the only one in the family who supports the relationship with Gaviota, Furthermore, Marcela is one of the few members of the Vallejo family who has her feet on the ground and who cares little about social classes and what they will say.

For this opportunity, a fan page of the Cuban actor, rescued a tender video of Levy with Belén, the beautiful daughter of María T Barreto, and who came into his life just a few months ago to fill it with more joys and emotions.

The actress had the joy of working and spending time with her baby; In fact, on several occasions, María T shared with her fans different videos and photos with her daughter in the middle of the ‘Café’ recordings.

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