The taxi driver, who bought 435 liras for 500 meters, blamed the taximeter

Traveling approximately 500 meters in a taxi in Istanbul. Ahmet Durmaz’The taxi driver, who received 435 liras from the taxi, defended himself by blaming the taximeter.

In the incident that took place in Bahçelievler last Friday at noon, a young man named Ahmet Durmaz, who got into the taxi he called from in front of his house, saw that the opening fee on the taximeter was 400 liras as the vehicle moved. Durmaz warned the driver when he saw that an additional 35 TL was reflected on the taximeter fee in about 5 minutes. Durmaz, after objecting to the fee, made the payment and got out of the vehicle and filed a complaint about the issue.

Allegedly, taxi driver Hüseyin Keleş said that Durmaz would return the amount paid to him, but Durmaz stated that he would not accept this fee.

Taxi driver describing what happened Hussein Keles, Stating that he has been a taxi driver for 30 years, “After I picked up the customer, I didn’t look at the meter. He took a taxi by İkitelli and said, ‘We will go to Esenler.’ After a little progress, he took out his phone and started recording with his camera. When I started to shoot with the phone, I got a temper. When the taximeter showed 435 TL, he wanted to get off. I asked what happened, I cut the plug and I got my money. Then I called my friends and asked if there was such a hike in the taximeter. They said there was a mistake. Then I went to the taximeter company, I waited 7-8 hours because there were 3-4 more taxis there. I’ve been driving a taxi for 30 years. I’ve never been like this in my life. nothing came” he said.

Taxi driver Keleş stated that the fee is due to the taximeter. “We didn’t even go as far as 500 meters, it cost 435 TL. If I had looked at it when it first opened, I would have seen it anyway, but I didn’t. Sometimes it happens once in a thousand, I looked for a place to escape after the incident. It’s a job that doesn’t suit us. Thank God, the boy who got on the taxi reached the boss. The boss called me too. “We will do what is necessary. I am sorry, we will present the money. It is not our fault, it is due to the taximeter. Our place, our address is clear. The rightful party says everything. There is nothing to do. He has a receipt, we are victims. He said, ‘New raise has come, We’ve been working on diesel for 2 months, you fell for us,” I said. he said.

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Ahmet Durmaz stated that he will not take the money back, “I’ve closed the issue now. I won’t get the money back. I’m not interested yet. It’s done, let’s close the issue” said.



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