The Swiss fill up German petrol pumps empty

At German gas stations, the fuel sometimes runs out. The Swiss, who want to benefit from the low prices, are also responsible for this.

the essentials in brief

  • In Germany, petrol prices have recently been reduced.
  • Many Swiss now want to benefit from it.
  • There are rushes and bottlenecks at German gas stations.

Because of the Ukraine war, petrol prices have risen sharply in many places. In response to this, Germany, among others, has reduced the energy tax for fuels by around 30 cents per liter. In Switzerland, such a solution or something similar is not in sight.

This means that filling up in the neighboring country to the north is currently significantly cheaper for the Swiss – and you can tell that.

A Swiss rush can be observed at many gas stations near the border. This also brings with it problems: at the weekend there was a shortage of petrol!

A reporter was on site in Konstanz: “We stood in line at the gas station at 9 p.m. in the evening, people from Thurgau, St.Gallen and Zurich were already waiting in front of us. Only a few Germans. At the pump, we then realized that our petrol was already sold out.” The other pumps at the gas station also no longer have Super E10.

The gas station concerned does not want to give any information on request.

Refueling here would be lucrative: 2.04 euros (2.11 francs) for a liter of fuel. For comparison: in Switzerland, a liter costs around 2.30 francs.

German government defends tank discount

However, the tax cut in Germany did not quite have the desired effect. The prices rose again shortly afterwards. As German media reports, some Germans are already going to Poland because it’s even cheaper there. Nevertheless, the values ​​are still at a lower level than before the government measure.

The topic of fuel discounts is still hotly debated in the country. FDP politician and Finance Minister Christian Lindner defended the decision again on Sunday. Without the tax rebate, the prices would be “much higher,” he says.

Are you currently refueling abroad?

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