It is one of the most mysterious cases of the 21st century. More than fourteen years after Madelein McCann disappeared during her vacation in Praia Da Luz, Portugal, we still don’t know what happened to the little English girl. If many leads had been followed, without success, at the time, it was an unexpected twist that relaunched the case and gave hope to the family to finally know the truth.

Last year Christian Brueckner was named as the prime suspect in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, when she was 3 years old. The man, who is currently serving a seven-year prison sentence, is known for other similar facts. It is also for a rape of a 72-year-old American in the Algarve in 2005 that he is in prison.

“100% safe”

If the suspect still denies any involvement in the disappearance of Maddie McCann, the German prosecutor Hans Christian Wolters is convinced that he holds the responsible for this disappearance. Even without a body or DNA, Hans Christian Wolters is “100% sure” that Christian Brueckner is “the man who kidnapped and killed” Maddie, reported the Mirror.

The prosecutor had indeed announced that he and his colleagues now have the evidence to indict him and hope to be able to complete the investigation next year. Even if this investigation is delayed due to the suspect’s imprisonment: it is difficult to gather the evidence. Still, the German prosecutor is confident. “It is now possible that we can indict. We have that proof now. But it is not only a question of indicting him, we want to indict him with the best set of evidence possible, ”he told the British media.

In spite of everything, proof is still missing: “We have no proof that Madeleine is dead” (and this, in spite of the declaration of the authorities of Braunschweig which had assured the McCann parents to have the proof that their daughter was not. no longer alive, editor’s note). “I can’t tell you on what basis we assume she died. But for us there is no other possibility. There is no hope that she is alive, ”he concluded.

The suspect’s entourage reacts

But in the aftermath of these allegations, the suspect’s entourage reacted and reaffirmed that he was certain that “Wolters and his investigators did not have the slightest evidence that he was involved in the murder.”

“Their position has always been the same. If there is evidence, it must be shown. But the police don’t. It is for this reason that the entourage is certain that this bluff is intended to crack the suspect into talking to someone, but that will never happen, ”a source told The Sun. “To the suspect, Wolters is just a famous police officer looking to make headlines.”


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