Total serenity, where solemnity was only interrupted by the passage of vehicles passing through the surroundings, such is the environment that exists in the surroundings of the Lloret de Mar tower, where the president-elect of the Republic still resides, Luis Abinader on this fathers day.

In the place there is no movement of any kind, while from the Lloret tower only the residents of the place leave and enter.

Unlike previous days, there is no security in the vicinity and there are only two flanking vehicles that are in the parallel parking lot of the president-elect’s residence. Only one security came out from time to time and looked out to see the street and the little movement of it.

Luis Abinader will change residence

Raquel Arbaje, wife of President-elect Luis Abinader confirmed on July 20 that her family will change residence after living in an apartment in the Lloret de Mar tower, in the Paraíso district of the National District.

Arbaje, released the information through his Twitter account where he indicated that so far his family maintains a private life and that the rental process began about nine months ago.

There are rumors that it could be located in the La Julia sector, however, Raquel Arbaje did not confirm this.

Nicolás de Ovando Hostel

On the other hand, at the Nicolás de Ovando hostel, where Abinader has established his operations center while awaiting the transfer of command, which will take place on August 16, the trend of yesterday was followed, and no important visit has been made. registered to the place, certifying a weekend with little activity for the president-elect.

Luis Abinader has been naming who will be the officials who will accompany him during his government through the social network Twitter, but he has not made any new appointments since last Thursday.