The surgeon recommended to see a doctor for those who felt changes in the work of the heart.

The press has expressed many opinions about the consequences of coronavirus infection during hot weather, especially for people with damage to the cardiovascular system. On the air of Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda (, the cardiovascular surgeon, head of the center of endovascular surgery at Clinical Hospital No. 1 Sergey Volkov made it clear.

“The coronavirus primarily affects the lungs. But the virus is an infectious disease that puts additional stress on the cardiovascular system. If a person already has the prerequisites for cardiovascular diseases or there are chronic diseases in the form of vascular lesions, then against the background of the virus, the heart and blood vessels experience additional stress, working at maximum speed. Against the background of high temperature, the heart experiences overload, ”the surgeon said.

The doctor also noted that the heat prevailing in Moscow and other regions leaves its negative imprint on the work of the heart, forcing it to work with doubled power.

“First of all, I would advise not to self-medicate if a person already has problems, diseases, including cardiovascular diseases. He already knows all his necessary medicines. And he must take them in a pandemic and heat. He should not skip these drugs (taking them. – Approx. Ed.) “, – said the doctor.

Volkov also strongly recommends seeing a doctor if a person begins to feel his heartbeat or feels that the heart has begun to work differently. The main thing that you can do to your advantage without medical advice is to drink more fluids. The doctor recommends drinking at least 3 liters a day.


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