The summary of the day: big penalty for Ja Morant

It’s brand new and therefore very fresh, that’s the summary of the day made in TrashTalk. Some like to grab the news one by one, others prefer to have the big newspaper that summarizes everything, so here you will find everything that was written by our pens today but also what went under the radar, without leaving our small contribution on forget social networks and the program of the evening.

What you can read on TrashTalk this morning

Other information you may (or may not) like

  • Draymond Green was fined $25,000 yesterday for offensive language towards a fan. This same fan took to Twitter, and he planned to donate a similar amount to a charity of Draymond’s choice. “It was just for fun,” the supporter declared in particular about his verbal altercation with Green.
  • In the final year of his contract, Nikola Vucevic will be a free agent this summer. And for now, according to Adrian Wojnarowski ofESPNtalks are not progressing on a contract extension.
  • Already absent last night against the Pelicans, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich (73) will also not be on the bench for the next game against the Suns. The reason? A minor medical intervention. (Source: ESPN)
  • Yes Morant was just fined $35,000 for bad language towards a referee and taking too long to leave the field against Minnesota. (Source: Chris Haynes)

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@trashtalk_frVictor Wembanyama personally it’s an amazing experience 🥹❤️♬ Stylish Jazz HipHop – Future Oriented Triad

The program of the night

  • 6:30 p.m : Knicks – Mavericks
  • 22:00 Clippers – Kings
  • 0h: Hornets – Goats
  • 2h: Birds of Prey – Magic
  • 2h: Wolves – Thunder
  • 2:30: Warriors – Rockets
  • 3h: Jazz – Jackets
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