Major General Hisham Amna, Governor of Beheira, directed the need to work on spreading awareness of the population issue and achieving the desired goals of the National Strategy for Population and Development (2015-2030), as well as activating the role of population committees in the administrative centers of the population unit in the General Court of Beheira Governorate.

The local unit of the center and city of Delangat, headed by Magdi Ibrahim, head of the center and city of Delangat, in cooperation with the population unit in the governorate, held seminars within a series of several seminars that will be implemented in model and environmentally friendly villages. And in the presence of Dr. Muhammad Afifi from the Health Administration and Endowments.

The accountant, Magdy Ibrahim, head of the Delangat City Council and City, confirmed that the symposium revolved around the issue of “early marriage and its impact on reproductive health” in the village of Zawyet Abu Shusha, where they talked about the damages of the population problem to Egypt and that it is the biggest challenge for any political leadership and the biggest obstacle to any progress and prosperity, and campaigns and awareness must be intensified. About family planning to curb this phenomenon that stops the train of development.

Dr. Mohamed Afifi also stressed that there must be a geographical redistribution and spread over the area of ​​Egypt, and the demographic problem affects education, health and social conditions. There was also talk about the danger of early marriage and its impact on marital life, where the girl is incomplete mental and physical maturity at an age whose body is still not fully developed. She is not physically ready for pregnancy and is exposed to many diseases that may lead to the death of the girl due to the lack of awareness of family planning. The sources also revealed that girls who marry at an early age are less happy in their married life and their sexual relationship with their husbands because they do not understand how to discuss family matters because of their young age. When they have children, they are exposed to early abortion and exposed to risks, hence the emphasis on the age of marriage, in order to produce a healthy child who can lead the process of development and progress during the coming period.

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