The strong conversation between Piqué and Shakira proven in photos

The dilemma between which they live Gerard Pique and Shakira It doesn’t look like it’s coming to an end as they are once again making a statement worldwide due to leaked photos of the two having a heated fight in front of their minor children, Milan and Sasha Piqué Mebarak, while taking advantage took a yacht from one of their rest days before the controversy arose.

These images were published by a major international news outlet, in which the Colombian can be seen enthusiastically slapping the FC Barcelona footballer, who is looking at the singer with a surprised face.


How was the strong conversation between Piqué and Shakira recorded in photos. Photo: Courtesy Terra

The news portal Terra shared the photos in which you can see the shouting conversation between Piqué and Shakira on the bow of a yacht. It is understood that it is not from this summer, but from the previous one, as the minors are younger. Moreover, the gestures and attitudes in which those involved are seen speak for themselves: the climate was very tense.

It is important to point out that Piqué’s family has a house on the Costa Brava and it could be a family boat trip that ended in a fight. Shakira was caught standing on the yacht, very upset as she pointed her finger at Piqué, who had a disjointed face. Milan looks at the ground and Sasha at the horizon.

Many news portals indicate that this is the prelude to the hurricane that was to come in the life of the singer and the footballer, who currently say that they cannot even see each other. The climate between the two is tense and the whitewashing of Gerard Piqué’s relationship with Clara Chía Martí made things even more difficult as Shakira felt betrayed, because in between there was an agreement that they should not show to other people right away.

In this way, it is known that despite the tension between the Colombian and the Catalan, the children they have in common already have a school in Barcelona and it is deduced that they will complete the course in the said city, until June 2023. Shakira’s plans to move to Miami with them will have to wait a little longer unless Piqué accepts.

How was the strong conversation between Piqué and Shakira recorded in photos. Photo: Courtesy Terra


Tonino Mebarak, Shakira’s brother, revealed how the Colombian interpreter is after Gerard Piqué published a statement with the aim of protecting his relationship with Clara Chía Martí. “She is doing well and she is handling everything well,” he told El Nuevo Herald.

Let us remember that the Spanish defender said in the statement: “Since Shakira and Gerard Piqué confirmed their separation on June 4 through a joint statement, many rumors and alleged unverified information about the player, his family and his personal life and therefore, privately. These reports and images cause not only damage to his honor and damage to his image, but also a serious attack on the rights of his children, whose safety and protection represent his greatest concern for him”, indicates the FC Barcelona footballer in the written their lawyers extended.


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