The strange case of the Duke Nukem that appeared in the United States Library of Congress

The strange case of the Duke Nukem that appeared in the United States Library of Congress

That Duke Nukem is a saga that has always been accompanied by controversy and the most surreal situations is not something new or that it catches us off guard. From the copy of sprites from the first ones to the sexism of his jump to FPS and from there to the development of Duke Nukem Forever. All that and, of course, what we don’t know, like the somersault of the Duke Nukem: Critical Mass para PSP.

In the United States, to guarantee the license of a title and avoid copyright problems, each game (or book, or movie) must go through the Library of Congress to be registered. The funny thing comes when a game that never saw the light of day appears among a pile of discs waiting to be classified.

A game lost (almost) forever

Duke Nukem: Critical Mass for PSP it promised to be a more powerful version of the title of the same name for Nintendo DS, which did see the light of day. Development was serious enough that a gameplay video was even released which, well, being from PSP didn’t look particularly bad either. Here it is.

In charge of Frontline Studios, the project ended up being stoned due to the low sales of his brother and the subsequent failure of Duke Nukem Forever he put an end to the idea that one day it could be recovered, and Duke Nukem: Critical Mass it was relegated to a disc with everything necessary to mass produce the game in UMD format, something that as you may have imagined never happened.

As luck would have it, for the sake of preservation and satisfying curiosities, someone managed to get hold of the game and upload it to the internet, thus allowing access to a title that, otherwise, would probably have remained hidden forever in some drawer of the Library of Congress from United States.

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