The story of Violeta Mangriñán and Fabio Colloricchio: love of 'Survivors', infidelity and family

The story of Violeta Mangriñán and Fabio Colloricchio: love of 'Survivors', infidelity and family

One of the leading couples of the 2023 Ídolo Awards has been the one formed by Violeta Mangriñán and Fabio Colloricchio. Even though the influencer the night ended without awards, both made everyone participate in a small pique on stage when they were going to deliver the Gastronomy category.

In addition, this humorous scuffle has come just a few days after Violeta deny a possible sentimental crisis with your boy on his social networksso their courtship seems to continue in the best possible way.

Precisely the couple is living a very beautiful stage in their relationship, which started with a bit of controversy in the passage of both survivors, in the 2019 edition.

At that time, the Valencian was dating Julen, whom she met in MyHyVand decided to put land in between. He ended his courtship with the young man live and he took an opportunity with Fabio, his classmate reality, for he became inseparable from him on the island.

“I missed you a lot…obviously, I love you. We both liked each other, It’s like something nice was created between the two. I don’t need to explain that I love you, I think. I love you very much, period,” the Argentine assured him after several separate days.

Their love did not end when they returned from Honduras. Violeta waited for him in Madrid until the program ended., since Fabio reached the grand final. And from there they began to comply with everything that had been promised in the contest.

However, infidelity came to the relationship. “Fabio cheated on me last summer with a girl. It was just a few kisses”told Violeta in MyHyV. Even so, he apologized to her on the show just before confinement and they spent these three months of quarantine together.

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“Ours has a lot of merit because of all this time we spent almost 3 months on an island seeing the gepeto every day. Ugly, thin, malnourished, with hair on the mustache and everywhere… In addition, another three months were of confinement, hence It’s a bomb proof relationship. Ours goes to the wedding and to everything… if we have overcome that… what else?” Violeta said at the time.

They did not spend that confinement alone, because they enjoyed the company of Canela, a Pomeranian dog that Fabio gave her for Valentine’s Day just a month before. Now, three years later, in animal it is quite a influenceron social networks.

But the best day of their lives came on July 31, 2022, the date on which little Gala was born. In this way, the couple sealed their love forever and became first-time parents. Together with their baby, with whom they have had a bad spell of health, they are completely happy, as they show on their social networks.

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