Social networks have allowed us to observe various events. From celebrities to people who viralize content thanks to their ingenuity, characteristics, their pets or the inevitable memes.

For several months, the phrase “That, Tilín!” It has been observed and heard in various publications on social networks.

On Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, texts, images and videos have appeared with the phrase or with the dance that has been a sensation. However, on TikTok it has had more diffusion and netizens have incorporated it into short videos and challenges.

Who is Tilín?

Most users have used the viral dance with the iconic phrase. However, many do not know who its creator is and why the dance arose.

It is about Luis Ángel, a 7-year-old boy who lives in Lima Ecuador and who is known as Tilín and a video in which he appears dancing after receiving a coin.

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The funny moment went viral because many users have used it for inspiration and support. However, most netizens have repeated the expression as a joke.

In the video that was published on YouTube, Luis Ángel is observed who receives words of encouragement and who dances after receiving his incentive.

The video became popular on YouTube, the platform on which it originally emerged and international media affirm that Luis Ángel is nicknamed Tilín and that his dance is the Dance of the Scissors, it is a typical dance of the Peruvian Andes.

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In the clip, Luis Ángel dances while receiving batons with the phrases “That, Tilín, that, Tilín, go, Tilín, wow Tilín!”, With which it became viral and reached various platforms.

“That, Tilín!” It is the most used in social networks, especially in TikTok, a platform in which audio has been incorporated and is used constantly.

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What is Tilín today?

Luis Ángel is currently going through a difficult and sad time because his grandfather, whom he considered a father, died during the covid-19 pandemic.

Tilín’s grandmother participated in the program Say it loud of Panamericana Televisión and said that her husband was the only one who provided financial aid in her family and, as Tilín’s grandfather, she and the child were left homeless.

During the interview, Tilín’s grandmother said that her husband’s other daughters took beds, workshop tools and various belongings that belonged to her husband. Because of this, he said that he did not know how to cover the expenses of each day.

Despite everything he’s been through, Luis Ángel’s grandmother longs for her grandson to become a great dancer. “He has art in his blood,” added Tilín’s grandmother, a boy who is currently over eight years old and dreams of being a policeman and also a dancer. “I want to be a good dancer, a good professional and go everywhere to dance,” said Tilín.

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