The story of Mercy, the molecular dog who found the girl missing during storm Elsa

There is no escape from Mercy’s nose. A Lee County K9 officer helped locate a 12-year-old girl who went missing last week during tropical storm Elsa, Florida.

Despite the inclement weather, the hound was able to identify the girl’s scent nearly a kilometer away, through the dense woods. A fundamental help for the authorities, as well as for the unfortunate. By now it was evening and the girl was in danger of staying all night in the rain: she lost her bearings and, frightened, not knowing what to do, she camped as best she could.

Since arriving in the continental United States, Storm Elsa – which was briefly classified as a hurricane as it passed over Cuba – killed one person in Jacksonville, Florida, injured ten in Georgia, and caused flooding, cutting down trees and roofs. To find her as quickly as possible, Sheriff Carmine Marceno has deployed the entire ReUnite search and rescue unit on the field, which also includes Mercy, a very talented molecular dog, who graduated from the academy last year.

“Luckily Mercy found her and allowed her to be safely brought back home, where her family was waiting for her,” they said from the sheriff’s office. And, upon hearing the news, hundreds of people flooded the comments section of the Facebook post, praising Mercy for a job well done. , “You are our hero,” plus, of course, “compliments to those who trained her.”

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