the star of “Ural dumplings” justified for the video in a swimsuit

33-year-old Ksenia Korneva shared a funny and provocative video from a vacation at sea. The video caused an unexpected reaction from the public.


The star of the comedy show “Ural Dumplings” enjoys the sun on the Black Sea coast with 40-year-old program partner Roman Postovalov. The actors played a scene from the movie “300 Spartans” by the pool.

Ksenia appeared in a dark blue closed swimsuit with an accent on the neckline. “This is Sparta?” – Korneva asked a colleague. “This is Gelendzhik!” – answered Roman and pushed the artist into the pool, kicking her in the stomach. The girl screamed and fell into the water.


The video made a lot of noise among fans of the comedy show. Xenia’s fans decided that Roman hit his partner too hard and generally behaved unacceptably. The actress hastened to justify herself. She noted that this was just a joke and no one was hurt.

“So many hysteria about the video. Guys, this is humor, it doesn’t hurt me. Roma barely touched his toe, no one kicked me in the stomach, calm down! It would be painful, no one in life would show you this, ”explained Korneva.


Ksenia Korneva,

The artists combine rest in a hot Russian resort with work. Ksenia showed her image for the performance. She appeared in a black dress to the floor, decorated with sequins. The star of Uralskiye Dumplings said that a “special spectator” came to their concert.

“We have a concert. See what’s going on! Hello, are you happy with everything? Pregnant kitty! ” – said Korneva and showed the cat, lying imposingly on the floor in the dressing room.


Ksenia is a native of Novorossiysk. After graduation, she entered the local University of Economics and Management. In her student years, the girl began to play in KVN. The audience remembered her for the women’s team of Irkutsk “Raisa”. In 2015, Korneva joined the Ural dumplings team. She quickly found a common language with teammates and was liked by the audience.

Ksenia is different in type from other artists of the show, but this also makes her unique. Korneva has a great sense of humor, she is not afraid to make fun of herself and look ridiculous on stage.

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