The star of “Trace” and “Catch Kaidash” urgently underwent surgery (photo)

The star of “Trace” and “Catch Kaidash” urgently underwent surgery (photo)

Antonina Khizhnyak is the star of the popular TV series “Catch Kaidash” and “Trace”., who previously told how the war changed her, underwent emergency surgery. She informed about this in Instagram.

“Thank you to the ophthalmology department of Clinical Hospital #3 in Kyiv for the professionalism and individual approach to each patient (and for the nurses, who simply made my day with the phrase “what a pirate, let’s go to the wards”) This time I was saved by a timely appeal to the doctors and urgent surgical intervention. Take care of your health, listen to your body and be healthy!!! P. S. It’s a pity that it was because of this operation that I couldn’t go to Odessa with our play “Basic Instinct”. But that means it had to be like that. My dear colleagues are already on their way to Odessa and will convey my greetings to you, my dear viewers! And very soon, God willing, I will be in the army again. Till next time! (LVIV 26.05, I will be, I promise)”she wrote.

Followers wish the actress a speedy recovery and good health.

As “FACTS” wrote, earlier Antonina Khizhnyak talked about the most terrible day during the war and changes in her life.


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