the star of the Blues sought to settle accounts, Didier Deschamps had to intervene

The atmosphere is not good between some executives of the France team, a few days before its entry into the Euro (which begins this Friday, June 11). Didier Deschamps even had to intervene to put out the fire.

If they want to win Euro 2020, the Blues will have to show solidarity and rigor. But, at the end of the last preparation match, easily won this Tuesday, June 8 at the Stade de France against Bulgaria (3-0), a beginning of tension begins to smolder between two strong men of the France team. It all started with a short sentence from Olivier Giroud at the microphone that a colleague of the channel handed him The team. The 34-year-old striker, who could have been satisfied with his double and shouted the praises of the group led by Didier Deschamps, rather expressed his frustration by explaining that he was spending himself without counting on the field and that he did not was sometimes not served by some teammates. Having regard to their technical agreement, to say the least, all eyes turned to Kylian Mbappé. It turns out that it is indeed the tricolor nugget that was targeted by this little bitter spike.

Angry, Mbappé wanted to respond to Giroud and the media

Immediately after this media release of Olivier Giroud, the coach intervened to gently put him in his place and explain that the attackers could always feel forgotten on certain sequences of play. But, according to the indiscretions of the newspaper The team, the two protagonists of this mini remote clash would have spoken yesterday at Clairefontaine. The top scorer in activity of the Blues would have justified his remarks to his young Parisian comrade, in the context of a private discussion. Our colleagues indicate, however, that this would not have been enough to calm Kylian Mbappé, in turn very annoyed by these criticisms against him. “Under the effect of anger, the PSG striker even asked the staff to be able to attend a press conference, today, at Clairefontaine, in order to clarify the atmosphere, in his mind, and to respond to Giroud , as well as the comments that followed “, can we thus read.

A spirit of unity in motion?

Finally, Didier Deschamps would have intervened again to calm his enthusiasm and ask him to focus on the first big game of the competition, scheduled for Tuesday, June 15 against Germany. This episode nevertheless proves three things. First, Olivier Giroud did not necessarily appreciate being relegated very far in the hierarchy of attackers, at a time when Karim Benzema is focusing attention. Second, Kylian Mbappé, despite his young age, is extremely vigilant in his image and communication. Third, despite their status as world champions, the Blues are not immune to an ego crisis on the verge of a new conquest that we hope will be glorious.

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