Everything had gone smoothly in the new normal, a success for the president of the employers, Javier Tebas, despite the sadness of seeing the fields empty, until the last day of the League in the Second Division. There, after learning that the pandemic had hit Fuenlabrada squarely, an earthquake was unleashed with unforeseeable consequences that can be delayed in ordinary courts of justice if those affected follow through on their threats.

The end, marked by the positive of 12 members of Fuenlabrada, including six soccer players, forced to postpone their match against Deportivo in Riazor and caused several teams that feel damaged by that decision, such as Rayo, Elche, Numancia or the Galician group itself, show their “disagreement” and reserve their “right to take legal measures”.

The tricky and controversial decision to continue with the last day of LaLiga SmartBank without Deportivo-Fuenlabrada, agreed by LaLiga, the CSD and the FEF within the framework of the Monitoring Commission, caused deep unease in many teams in the category. They considered this determination made in the offices a “hit and miss,” an attack on “equality” and a “non-compliance with the regulations” that requires the games of the last two days to be played with something at stake in a unified schedule. They ensure that the competition is “adulterated”.

He Sports, who hoped to save himself and now, in the absence of his match with Fuenlabrada, is relegated to Segunda B, whatever he does in that match, he will take the decision “to the highest levels”, according to his president Fernando Vidal at a press conference. “What has happened is very serious and the principle of equality is not kept for all teams because there has been adulteration of the competition «he declared.

In the same line his technician was shown, Fernando Vazquez, than recalled that the previous match in the Fuenlabrada League was against Elche, whose players could have also been infected and still not know it, which in turn posed a risk to their rivals at Oviedo.

“It is a warning to the world of football. I do not understand that Elche is acting after having played against Fuenlabrada days ago; Lugo and Albacete also play, I think it is unfair. What difference does it make to wait three or four days? I cannot understand the communication of the League, the Federation and the CSD because it says that it is to protect the players and it is false because Elche is playing, “said Vázquez, with the day still in dispute.

This Tuesday, the blue and white squad, on vacation anticipated by the coaching staff, issued a statement in which it affirms that for the players the results of Monday are not valid after the suspension Sloppy and hasty of your party. In the first instance, the Riazor club appeals to the Competition Committee requesting that all matches on the final date be repeated, as they understand that violated circular 93 on “uniformity of schedules in the last two days.”

The advantage of ‘Fuenla’

Elche, who won their game against Oviedo but who depend on keeping sixth place in what Fuenlabrada does against a sunk Deportivo, expressed his total rejection of what happened through a statement. “As a show of professionalism we disputed the match because if we had not done so we would have been exposed to a sports sanction for failure to appear. We, sportingly, speak on the field, but it is evident that a decision has been made that directly affects the integrity of the competition and that we believe that it is not fair, ”Elche argued in his brief.

Much tougher was Paco Jémez’s Rayo Vallecano, whose chances of entering the promotion required a three-sided carom. Win their match in Santander, which did so against an already relegated opponent, that Deportivo beat Fuenlabrada and that Elche lost or tied with Oviedo.

“We do not accept this resolution as it is very detrimental to sporting and economic interests and we will take all legal actions to defend the interests against this very serious abuse,” the Madrid club said in its statement.

In the case of Rayo, Fuenlabrada’s positives also affected him because a footballer from his squad, the Franco-Moroccan striker Yacine Qasmi, skipping the LaLiga protocol, was dining several days ago with a Fuenlabrada player and for that reason, when his coach Paco Jémez learned of this fact, he was removed from the starting lineup. The consequence is that the footballer did not participate in the match and all the members of the squad will undergo a PCR test in Madrid and will remain in isolation until the results are known.

At the bottom of the table also came fierce criticism of the decision to play the last day. and not having delayed everything for a few days. Numancia, relegated to Segunda B, showed their “disagreement” over the dispute in their match against Tenerife. “This club will take all appropriate measures to defend the rights of its subscribers and regrets the incomprehensible decision made by the League, the FEF and the CSD,” the Soriano team stressed in a statement.

Albacete, who achieved permanence with a victory against Cádiz, already hungover with his guaranteed promotion, also acknowledges that what happened “casts doubt on the integrity of the competition” our players. Still, we consider that the decision to play considerably affects the integrity of the competition and so we want to show it, “said the manchego box.

Waiting for what to do with Deportivo-Fuenlabrada to be resolved, A promotional tie is already known, which will face Almería with Girona. The other will be between Zaragoza and a team to be defined between Elche or Fuenlabrada. Below, those descended on the last day are Numancia and Deportivo, who still dream that Justice will correct LaLiga, back down and force them to play the last day.

The people of A Coruña, descended into Second B hell for the first time in 40 years, lost the category without playing but they understand that the pressure of their rivals would not have been the same if they knew that at the same time they would be playing Dépor and still beating Fuenla. In that argument at least Fernando Vázquez insisted. Lost the sports battle, the legal one begins.

Javier Tebas, President of LaLiga. /
Thebes, blunt: “The last day will not be repeated”

Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, has assured that the final day of the Second Division “obviously will not be repeated”, and that Fuenlabrada traveled to La Coruña because in previous PCR tests “the entire expedition had not tested positive and they were in perfect condition to be able to play ».

“The Fuenlabrada traveled because in the PCRs that were carried out by the entire expedition, it had not tested positive, and they were in perfect condition to be able to play,” said Tebas in Deportes Cuatro.

Regarding a possible breach of protocol, Thebes has said that “for three or four weeks we have been warning that we were on the wire and the situation could lead to some problem in some party.”

However, he has clarified that it is “the inspectors that each club has that have to see if they have breached the protocol”, at the same time that he has admitted that several clubs have been denounced since the return of the competition, but not the Fuenlabrada.