The special NBA Sunday bet: €100 to win by betting on a Devin Booker who continues to shine against the Spurs

Betting friends, betting friends, the time has come to get wet. On this Sunday, December 4, the 2022-23 regular season is in full swing and good NBA Sunday habits are present with eight games on the schedule, two of which are perfectly timed for the Châteauroux zone. This, as always, gives many opportunities to double the kiff with a small bet, provided of course you have a good nose.

As every year, we will – throughout the season – give you advice to guide the more players among you, in the hope that it will be useful to you. The goal is clear: to break the bank of our partner ParionsSport ! But never forget to gamble responsibly, i.e. by betting only money you can afford to lose. Hashtag doesn’t do the boloss, you know.

Daily odds

  • 21h30 : Pelicans (1.90) – Nuggets (1.95)
  • 22h00: Spurs (5.20) – Suns (1.18)
  • 00h00: Nets (2.20) – Celtics (1.70)
  • 00h00 : Pistons (3.00) – Grizzlies (1.42)
  • 00h00 : Knicks (2.30) – Cavaliers (1.66)
  • 00h00 : Wizards (1.75) – Lakers (2.15)
  • 00h00 : Kings (1.69) – Bulls (2.25)
  • 02h00: Jackets (1.63) – Pacers (2.35)

For your first bet, up to €150 in free bets to receive!

If you open an account with ParionsSport Onlinethat you deposit up to €100 (maximum bonus, with 10€ or 20€ it also works) and that you play, for example, this €100 on our main bet, you can have €175 in your account, that is, a profit of €75, if this happens of course. And if it fails, your deposit will be refunded in the form of free bets up to €100 which will be credited to your account. So? What does one say?

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The bet that we feel good

Devin Booker minimum 25 points AND 5 rebounds AND 5 assists against Spurs (2.00): the Suns backcourt has been in very good shape since the start of the season and has been on fire for 10 days. Still without Chris Paul, he will once again be the Cactus’ first ball handler and main scorer. Booker is going to have a good number of shots and if it falls into that minimum, the 25 units shouldn’t be a concern. The risk that this rating is instead the combined acquisition of 5 rebounds and 5 assists for Book. However, even if the Suns are the heavy favorites in this matchup, we’ll count on the Spurs to hang on and keep Booker on the floor as much as possible. The idea is to see him reach his season averages in rebounds and caviar.

The mobile phone to try

Grizzlies beat Pistons + Cavaliers beat Knicks (2.50) : the Cavs are on two straight wins, they are well established on the Eastern podium and will be eager to put pressure on these very erratic Knicks to leave New York with a new W on the clock. The odds are at 1.66. The Grizzlies visit the Pistons who are still without Cade Cunningham. The bears must win. The odds are at 1.42.

A little crazy to finish?

Nikola Jokic minimum 25 points AND 10 rebounds AND 7 assists (3.15): we can expect a tight game between Nuggets and Pelicans tonight. Denver will need the production of its Serbian hub. The two-time MVP is able to cook Jonas valanciunas and his inner New Orleans friends. The range of statistics called for is plentiful, but it would only be a “small insanity”.

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That’s all for today. Hopefully these tips will pay off!

The odds presented in this article will likely rise or fall between the time these lines are written and the time they are read. We therefore give this advice as an indication and subject to the odds always being available, without ever guaranteeing the result (no, we are not yet guessers).

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