The Spanish referee explained why Mbappe’s goal had to be counted

Anton Mozgovoy

Spanish arbiter Iturralde Gonzalez spoke about the winning goal of the French national team in the final of the League of Nations. In the match with the Spanish national team (2: 1) in the end Kilian Mbappe scored a controversial goal. He was probably offside, but the goal was scored as the ball caught the Spanish defender.

“If a defender touches the ball, it’s a goal. Of course, Mbappe was offside, but Eric Garcia tried to interrupt the pass. At first, imperceptibly, he reached for the ball or not. But in slow motion, you can see that he touched the ball. Then it’s a goal.

If he touches the ball, Mbappe is no longer offside. There is no controversial decision by the judge. These are the rules. Mbappe had no effect on Garcia in that situation. Therefore, there is no question of an offside position.

Players need to know the rules. It is worth learning them, ”RMC Sport quotes Gonzalez.

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