International media debate whether the goal that gave the Nations League title to the French was offside

The Spanish sports newspapers coincide in clamoring against the concession by the English referee Anthony Taylor of Kylian Mbappe’s goal, which culminated in France’s comeback against Spain in the final of the League of Nations, played this Sunday in Milan.

‘Marca’, on a reproduction of the moment in which Theo Hernández focuses in depth on the PSG striker, headlines on the cover that “They are loading football” and points out that “an incomprehensible interpretation of the VAR on a new and ridiculous rule of the outside gambling ruins Spain “.

The newspaper ‘Sport’, under the title of “Injustice” considers that “a great Spanish team falls to France in a scandalous way with an offside goal by Mbappe”.

‘As’ also indicates on the cover that “The VAR does not grant an apparent offside of the crack of PSG” and assures in the chronicle that “The VAR leaves Spain without a prize.”

‘Mundo Deportivo’ makes a play on words. “Varapalo”, points out on its cover about the reproduction of the main controversial moment of the clash and also considers that “A controversial goal by Mbappé culminates France’s comeback against Red, which did not deserve to lose.”

For its part, the French press celebrates this Monday the victory of France in the League of Nations, considering that it allows to partially erase the failure of the last European Championship, while doubting the validity of the second goal of the Gauls, in possible offside of Kylian Mbappé.

L’Équipe devotes ample space to analyzing Mbappé’s goal, which acknowledges that it generates “many questions” and that it was achieved in a “doubtful” position, considers the controversy “logical” and recognizes that at the time of the pass the attacker was in an offside position.

The newspaper includes statements by Bruno Derrien, a former international referee, who points out that although the rule was well applied, it “goes against the spirit of the game.”

“Another cup for home”, also headlines the newspaper L’Équipe, which highlights that this title was achieved “three years after the World Cup” and allows “to partially erase the failure of the Eurocup.”

The newspaper believes that we must wait to see if this competition is consolidated to understand its importance in history. The performance of Karim Benzema stands out, as he considers a candidate to win the Ballon d’Or and says that “Spain fought to the end but found a great Hugo Lloris.”

“These ‘bleus’ never leave,” says Le Parisien, who recalls that France starred in a second consecutive comeback, also highlights Benzema’s role in the team and ensures that Mbappé’s goal “raises debates because it seems, in the images, it was offside. “

The newspaper recalls that the League of Nations is the first title that Benzema wins with France, vital in the semifinal against Belgium and in the final against Spain, which he considers “a good omen for the Ballon d’Or.”

Le Figaro emphasizes that the French “return to the top”, elevates Benzema and Mbappé, whose goal he also considers “doubtful due to offside but which was validated by the VAR”.

The Italian press considers Mbappé’s goal valid

The Italian sports press agrees this Monday to consider valid Kylian Mbappé’s goal against Spain that gave France the Nations League title, by ensuring that, despite the French striker initially going offside, the defensive touch of Éric García validated his position.

The Italian covers do not dedicate particular space to the final of the League of Nations, won 2-1 by France at the San Siro stadium in Milan against Spain, but the notes in the internal pages of the newspapers focus on the explanation of the interpretation given by the VAR to the key play of the match.

The regulations provide that a player in the attack phase is not considered to be in an offside position if the opponent, in the defensive phase, makes a “play” with the ball, that is, a voluntary and not involuntary touch.

Both “La Gazzetta dello Sport” and “Corriere dello Sport” share the interpretation of the VAR and the match official, the Englishman Anthony Taylor.

The play is not mentioned on the covers of the three main Italian sports media, “La Gazzetta dello Sport”, “Tuttosport” and “Corriere dello Sport”.

“Mbappé gives the trophy to France”, is the headline of the “Gazzetta, while” Corriere dello Sport “assures that” Mbappé decides a final not at the level of two colossi of Europe “.

The Roman newspaper defined “a boring wait” the initial phase of the meeting, before more spaces were opened after the Spanish advantage signed at the time of play by Mikel Oyarzabal.

“Benzema-Mbappé, France triumph”, is the headline chosen by “Tuttosport”.

The Belgian press looks at Mbappé, Benzema, Lloris and the controversial goal

The Belgian press, more concerned about the fourth place of the Red Devils against Italy than in the final between France and Spain in the League of Nations, highlights the contribution of Kylian Mbappé, Karim Benzema and Hugo Lloris to the victory of the “bleus “and analyzes the controversial winning goal.

“France prevails, in talent but also in character,” says the website of the Belgian public broadcaster RTBF in its chronicle of a final in which all the Belgian media stop to analyze France’s second goal.

The newspaper Le Soir dedicates an article to the controversial play, like the headline DH Les Sports, which devotes a text to explain “why Mbappé’s goal offside was validated”, when interpreting the referee that Eric García tried play the ball and enabled the next play, and predicts “it will give a lot to talk about.”

“A ridiculous rule”, says the analyst of the newspaper Het Laatest, News Marc Degryse, who acknowledges that if the defender had not tried to clear the ball it would not have been valid but emphasizes that the player cannot stay away from the ball “consciously”.


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