The social service of medicine must change, asserts the person in charge of the CUCS Social Service

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Guadalajara Jalisco.

Because the year of compulsory social service for doctors is cheap labor and it is only used by the health system to fulfill its obligation to provide health care to the population, Social Service should disappear, says the person in charge of this requirement at the University Center for Health Sciences of the UdeG, JesĂşs Carlos Mora Mora:

“We return to the vicious circle of cheap labor, because that is what we have become; these interns that we graduate correct the problem, but we are not solving it, however we are putting personnel at risk…

I have had to see health centers that you arrive and they have nothing, that they lack medicines, they lack beds, that they lack chairs…

You arrive and they have chairs that the same people donate then, one thing is the vacancies and you can hire a thousand doctors, but if the infrastructure does not have what is necessary, even if you have the doctor 24/7, you will not be able to do much”.

In addition, the scholarships for healthcare physicians for one year of the population they range between 900 to 3 thousand 500 pesosmuch less than the amount given to young people in the federal program who neither study nor work.

For a year the University of Guadalajara established assistance and review protocols for its graduates who perform their social service in the state, after an intern from Jalisco was murdered in Sanitary Region number One:

“A year ago the Valparaíso situation occurred, we began to work more hand in hand with the Jalisco Ministry of Health to be a little closer to our students. As a University, we undertook several strategies, for example, one was that we set up an emergency number, which in this case is on my private cell phone, so that at any time the boys can alert us to any situation, since we are creating support networks with the different municipalities so that if the boy alerts me to a situation, I have direct contact with either the mayor or delegate, to alert the situation and the most timely attention can be given to the intern”.

In addition they have a Whatsapp group where all the interns are integrated to be attentive to their comments and needs that they have in their regions. Also your Social Service area visits all health centers of the state where the more than 300 graduates who leave Medicine at the UdeG each semester are located and have to meet this requirement and a care protocol is already being worked on with the Ministry of Health, details:

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“Before anything else, if the intern feels insecure in his place, it is necessary to remove him from the area until we confirm that the intern is well. With this measure alone, in a year and a half we have collected around seven interns from health centers. that have exposed us to situations of insecurity.”

He further added that:

“As I told you, some insecurities were from the environment, only in two cases did we have that there was a direct attack against the health center, not against our intern, but they did try to enter the health center, violated protections, broke windows, things for the style and in this situation the intern is removed”.

Of the Health regions that have represented security risks for students of medicine, located in the Mezquitic areaalso in the health region six adjoining Michoacán, where several acts of violence have been unleashed, in the town of Santa Maria del Oro and Tala that corresponds to region nine, interns were withdrawn, but interns have also been withdrawn from Health centers of the metropolitan area, of region 13 that corresponds to Guadalajara in Balcones de Oblatos.

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