The smartphone with integrated drone? Here is the new video of the vivo concept

“In the concept, the vivo smartphone is equipped with a motorized opening drawer, housing a very small quadcopter, with screws inside the body, ready to fly and shoot at 200 megapixels.”

Some time ago a patent appeared on the net and then some versions. Among the various ideas that vivo caresses to distinguish itself in the world of smartphones, especially in photographic fieldthere is also to integrate a micro-drones in the cell phone bodyready to take flight for selfies and impressive shots.

These days on the net, especially on Twitter, has begun to spin new video of the possible concept. The vivo smartphone features a motorized opening drawerin which housed a very small quadcopter, with propellers inside the body, ready to fly. In the 2021 concept, the small drone was equipped with a camera with 200 megapixel sensor module and this information is kept even in the last version.

Someone dared that the model in question the vivo X100 Pro: after we have just been presented with the new vivo X80 Pro, according to the pace of renewal of the series, we would therefore be talking about 2024 for the smartphone with the integrated drone, provided that the vivo technicians really decide to follow this path.

What do you think about it? Could it be useful to always have a small drone in your pocket for special shots or selfies without stretching your arm to avoid cutting people out of the frame?

[HWUVIDEO=”3263″]vivo X80 Pro: here is the top of the range live with 4 Zeiss cameras[/HWUVIDEO]

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