The Smartest Human viewers praise Anniko and denounce Jip

Jip seems to realize already at the beginning of the broadcast that the last episode did not win because she got so many questions right. “I really shouldn’t have been here, I’m the cockroach of the season,” she admits.

Things quickly go wrong in the episode when Jip seems to confuse Patty Brard with Patricia Paay. When she asks ‘what do you know about Patty Brard?’ To answer, she talks about a sex tape and Adam and Christina Curry. Not much later, when she sees a video of Euvgenia Parakhina talking about the war in Ukraine on a talk show and has to say as much as possible about it, she goes wrong again. Jip only zooms in on the war, while it turns out to be about Euvgenia. When fellow candidate Carolina Dijkhuizen does manage to give all the right answers, Jip is quite frustrated. “Isn’t this about war and not about dancers?” she exclaims.

On Twitter, viewers react indignantly about Jip’s non-sporty reaction:

Someone who does get the necessary praise is Anniko van Santen. She also knows how to give one correct answer after another in this episode and is therefore the winner of the day.

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