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Il Chinese colossus of the drones Dji Technology has decided to withdraw from Russia and Ukraine to prevent both countries from using their means in combat. According to what il Kyiv Independent on Twitter it would therefore be the first Chinese company a stop operations in Russia. “DJI is re-evaluating compliance requirements in various jurisdictions”, the company said in a statement, and in the meantime “will temporarily suspend all commercial activities in Russia and Ukraine”. A decision that only partially shows Beijing’s “equidistance” – which controls everything, even its giants – in this conflict because in reality it damages its friend. Vladimir Putin.

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Moscow in fact had planned to escorting its armored vehicles give it helicopters who are able to detect and prevent enemy ambushes. But the missiles supplied by the West allowed Ukraine to shoot down many helicopters. So much so that Putin would then have asked Beijing for drones to protect his convoys. On his part then the Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov had written about Twitter that the Russians “use DJI products to fly their missiles” and therefore asked the company to prevent Moscow from using AeroScope, a technology that detects drones even 50 kilometers away.

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Then DJI replied that “if the Ukrainian government formally requests the creation of a barrier across the country, we will create it in accordance with our guidelines” and clarified that the measure “would apply to all DJI drones in Ukraine, to regardless of who maneuvers them “. He then denied having tampered with devices used by the Ukrainian resistance, as some claimed and reiterated that none of his drones, including AeroScope, were suitable for military use. Now the decision to withdraw all his drones from the two warring countries.



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