The situation is very dangerous.. Tunisia is seeking help from the people of competence

After the World Health Organization stressed the seriousness of the situation in Tunisia, the Tunisian army called on graduates of medical and paramedical specialties who meet the conditions for conscription, to apply quickly to participate in the face of the Corona virus.

The Tunisian Ministry of Defense also called, in a statement, on Tuesday, for those who have not exceeded the legal age of medical and paramedical graduates to apply, starting from tomorrow, July 14, to the recruitment centers to put them at the disposal of the Tunisian Ministry of Health, to participate in operations to confront the epidemic.

The statement demanded the necessity of bringing national identification cards, and a copy of the scientific certificate obtained, to complete the recruitment procedures.

He also justified the call by what he described as “the exceptional circumstances that our country is going through in the recent period, and the war it is waging against the Corona pandemic, and in implementation of the decisions of the President of the Republic, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, related to mobilizing all material and human capabilities to combat this pandemic.”

He pointed out that recruitment in this pandemic will be taken into account in the census operations, and will be subject to special arrangements regarding the duration of national service, the period of basic training and appointment procedures.

Tunisia Corona – AFP

Various advantages

He also stressed that the recruits will enjoy various benefits, related to the conditions of assignment in the public sector, in addition to the grant for performing national service at the Ministry of Health.

Tunisia - AFP

Tunisia – AFP

It is noteworthy that Tunisia is experiencing difficult conditions, in light of a health system that is unable to confront the epidemic, especially after the spread of strains of the virus and the increase in the number of infected people to a record level.

The World Health Organization had called on the world to help Tunisia, stressing the difficulty of the situation in it, and that Corona deaths had reached record numbers, the most in the Arab region and North Africa.


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