The sister of the Egyptian pharmacist, who was killed by a Saudi woman, made a shocking surprise and confessed to the public: I did not return!! (lightning detail)

The sister of the Egyptian pharmacist who was killed by a woman in Al-Jawf said that her brother traveled two years ago and has not seen his father, mother and brothers since then, noting that he chose to travel to see the family, especially his father, who was sick with cancer, and to meet his needs.

The pharmacist’s sister explained that her last conversation with him was at noon on the day of his death, and he reassured her and the family’s circumstances, and his parents recommended her, then he told her that he would go to work to receive her period, stressing that all his conversations with her were always aimed at reassuring the family and its circumstances, and he took care of them a lot, and the youngest in Family according to Cairo 24.

She added, “My brother advised me to protect my father when I came back and saved him and put him in treatment for cancer … and I said to my brother: I kept the faith and you did.” that. “did not. Back to pick it up.”

She added that her brother will return to his hometown on June 30 with his wife and two-year-old son, but the sponsor asked him to sit because of the workload and the need to work for him, and he agreed nonetheless. He wanted to return to attend his younger brother’s betrothal, which was a day before his death, first, but because of his honesty and responsibility, he refused to quit his job when he needed it.

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Al-Jawf police arrested a woman for shooting a person who died of his wounds, and she was arrested and legal measures were taken against her and referred to the prosecution.



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