The signs of the hour appear inevitably.. 4 very beautiful girls were arrested practicing immorality inside a health club in Agouza with the stamp of the logo.!! (shocking details)

If you want to get out of the mood and stay cool and fit and not feel the heat of the summer and forget yourself, now it is possible at the hands of trainers and experts in the world of massage and sauna, we will leave you in a completely different world, this was part of the advertisements circulated in some media and social networking sites, but in fact they are Only the easiest way to get caught in prostitution networks,

And one of the most important back doors to the world of pimps, counterfeiting and sexual blackmail. “Al-Tahrir” previously opened the file of the back doors to vice through a series of investigations, and now it reveals more in the world of blue smoke and forbidden mood.

Health club and gym gathering centers, many of which have become a means of catching prey, catching girls of the night and people together, and luring innocent people to defilement, in addition to falling into the cycle of extortion.

The hour at 1,000 pounds was the latest case of moral networks inside health clubs, which fell last Tuesday, when the General Administration of Ethics in Giza, under the supervision of Major General Reda Al-Omda, Director of the General Administration of Investigation, managed to arrest 4 girls practicing vice in a health club in Agouza.

Investigations and investigations by the Department’s detectives officers, which took place under the supervision of Brigadier General Tariq Hamza, Director of the General Administration of Literature Investigations, revealed that the accused were practicing vice for a fee per hour, and they were seized with 20,000 pounds, and it was found that one hour is a thousand pounds. Investigations and investigations indicated that the beginning of the incident was information received by the administration’s investigations, that there were girls practicing vice in a health club in the Agouza area.

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Health Clubs .. Vice with the seal of the logo When obtaining the approval of health club licenses from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, several conditions must be met, including that the club be under the supervision of a doctor who is present throughout the day, and the sports equipment is under the supervision of a qualified coach and student at an institute Physical therapy as a minimum, and there is a quality with the trainee.

And within the licensing requirements, there should be a separation between the sexes, meaning that only a man massages a man, and a female massages only the same, emphasizing the separation between the sexes and the absence of one of the workers with the opposite sex.

The journey of searching for women to work in clubs This step is considered one of the most important steps due to the difficulty of obtaining “night girls” to work in health clubs. of the ladies to work for them,

The beginning is an advertisement in one of the advertising newspapers and social networking sites, and the text of the advertisement is, “An organization announces …. For fitness and massage, she expresses her needs for women to join her work team in one of its new branches, and they are required to be good-looking, fit and agile.

In the “Interview”, divorced women, widows and runaways from their families are selected, and a liquidation is carried out among them, and priority is given to good appearance and graceful body, in addition to being divorced or widowed, and they are tempted with large sums of money and a little effort, “and that they are not a network for prostitution, but a health club.” To do massage, we are a little open and under the customer’s order.”

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Made in China One of the biggest cases seized by the General Administration of Morals Investigations is a gang of seven Chinese, six women and one man who came to Egypt not for the purpose of buying and selling, but for something else, which is to invest the bodies of these Chinese women in prostitution. The leader of this network claimed that he runs It is a health club, but what is behind closed doors is something else that was revealed by the Cairo etiquette detectives, which is new and exciting in this case, that all its members are foreigners.

An official account in the context said a security source in the General Administration of Morals Investigations said that 99% of health clubs are dens of prostitution, and most of the workers are registered morals. Widowed and divorced women, pointing out that a health club was seized in which “cylinders” loaded with videos were found to explain and clarify how to practice vice through massage and how to arouse customers and lead them to orgasm.

The security source explained that most of the health centers are divided into rooms from the inside with beds for practicing vice, in return for a sum of money that is agreed upon prior to the practice process, which ranges between 300 and 1000 pounds, depending on the customer.

The security source also confirmed that the Ethics Department monitors suspicious clubs and carries out magnifying campaigns against them from time to time to control the dens of the practice of vice, as he indicated that a health club was seized in Dokki 6 months ago and contained 10 Chinese girls, and after a while the activity of the same club was resumed and a number of others were used. Of the Chinese girls, it was raided and those inside were arrested and closed again.

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The source pointed out that some of the accused resorted to remote places to set up health clubs, believing that they were far from the eyes of the security forces, and some of them were monitored and raided, at the same time appealing to the girls to investigate well before dealing with health clubs and to immediately report any suspicious activity.



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