The signs of the hour appear in Egypt.. An Egyptian girl takes off the dress of shyness and confesses with all boldness.. .. This is what my Saudi husband does to me without mercy.!! (exciting details)

An Egyptian woman named Reda Muhammad revealed the details of her suffering from her Saudi husband, who married her and traveled with him abroad, then was surprised to cancel the marriage while she was in Egypt to check on her sick father.

She explained that he left her two years ago and refused to return her to the Kingdom again, without sending her money despite his knowledge of her difficult financial condition.

She said, according to her interview with “Cairo 24” website, that she left Saudi Arabia for Egypt to visit her family after her father died, and then she was surprised that her husband made her a final exit from Saudi Arabia without return.

She added that her husband refused to formally divorce her until after she gave up the list and all her entitlements, adding: He bargained with me when I asked him to marry, he said my backside.

The husband refused to take charge of his wife and take care of her, which made her start selling her apartment supplies, and she no longer owns her. Pointing out that her husband’s treatment began to change after she left Saudi Arabia and went to Egypt to visit her family, where she completely changed, even though he treated her well after a marriage that lasted nearly 3 years.

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