The sign of the hour appears… An Egyptian surprised his beautiful wife while she was practicing vice with her uncle, and when he grabbed the knife to slaughter her, an unthinkable surprise occurred?

The uncle, the uncle, the father, and the brother are supposed to defend his relatives and protect them from harm, especially if someone needs help and assistance.

But what happened is that a beautiful and married Egyptian young woman seduced her uncle and made him practice immorality with her for 6 months without any remorse.

However, betrayal does not last long, it must be discovered sooner or later.

The husband entered his house suddenly to find his unfaithful wife in the arms of her uncle, so he went crazy and went to the kitchen and brought the knife to slaughter her, but the lover surprised him with fatal bullets that made him fall to the ground as a lifeless body.

The traitor’s uncle said in his confessions before the Egyptian Public Prosecution, “My niece tempted me with her clothes and pushed me to practice vice with her and kill her husband after he suddenly entered their bedroom.” The traitor confirmed that he shot the victim in self-defense after the victim moved to the kitchen to get vegetables Knife echoing voices will kill you, traitors.

The accused added, after my nephew’s husband was killed and his corpse fell to the ground, I agreed with his wife, after I left the place, to make distress sounds to the neighbors and assure them that while she and her husband, the victim, was returning from abroad, they were surprised by three people stealing electrical appliances from the apartment, and when he tried to confront them, they shot him and fled. Harbin.

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The accused wife had confessed before the investigation authorities that she had committed indecency with her uncle for the past 6 months, and he said on the day of the accident, my husband came back from work without telling me, I was surprised to open the bedroom door and found me in the lap of my uncle in a disturbing position.. So he moved to the kitchen to get a knife and accepted On his return, my uncle emptied the bullets in his head.

Investigations, Helwan Investigations, revealed that the wife’s uncle was constantly in the house and in the presence and absence of the husband, on the pretext that he was her uncle and came to check on her, and that the husband did not suspect the existence of a relationship between them even though it lasted for more than 6 months.



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