The shocking call in which a woman gives permission to her partner, a Russian soldier, to rape women in Ukraine – Prensa Libre

Russian soldier Roman Bykovsky, along with his partner Olga Bykovskaya starred in one of the most shocking and terrible cases that have emerged since the beginning of the conflict armed between Russia and Ukraine.

This is a phone call made by the couple on April 12, intercepted by the Security Service of Ukraine, where the woman gives Roman permission to rape Ukrainian women.

The call caused the impact of the whole world, given the multiple complaints that Ukraine has made of cases of rape of women and girls by members of the Russian army.

Research done by RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty allowed to locate the couple’s phone numbers, as well as their personal social networks, where they discovered that the couple she was from the Russian province of Orël, but since 2018 they have lived in Crimea.

It was also discovered that Roman Bykovsky part of the Russian armyspecifically in the 108th airborne assault regiment of the Russian guard, who was involved in the annexation of Crimea in 2014.

Roman Bykovsky was captured in an area near IziumUkraine, according to the statements of Ilya Ponomarev, a former dissident Russian deputy through Telegram.


In the call you can hear the couple talking between laughs and Olga Bykovskaya authorizes his partner to rape Ukrainian womenas long as you “use protection”.

– “And, go there and rape ukrainian women Okay? And don’t tell me anything, understand?” Olga Bykovskaya expresses with a laugh.

– ¿Violate and tell you nothing?”, replies his partner, Roman Bykovsky.

– “And, so I won’t find out anything“, dice Bykovskaya

– “So I can?”.

– “Yes, I authorize it, just wear protection“, ending the call.

RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty They were able to contact the couple through phone calls. In the Bykovsky case confirmed his identityand that it was in the Sevastopol area, in the port of Crimea.

When questioned as to whether he was the person from the famous call, denied to journalists.

Similarly, when the journalists contacted Olga, she assured that her partner was in Sebastopol, being treated at a hospital since he was injured. But he made no further comment.



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