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A shocking phone call from the police in Las Palmas, Spain. A mother called the agents accusing her son of raping her. “He raped mom while he was under the influence of drugs “, is the accusation leveled against a 16 year old boy then arrested. The terrible episode took place last Tuesday when the woman called the local police in shock. The boy, who defended himself by admitting that he did not remember anything, was immediately arrested by the agents who rushed to the scene and then, by order of the judge, locked up in a juvenile facility.

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The prosecutor has decided to activate also the anti-suicide protocol, taking into account the particular gravity of the accusations. The 16-year-old in front of the judge reiterated that he did not remember the sexual violence against his mother. He explained that he only found out what had happened when officers explained it to him after his arrest.

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News, that of the 16-year-old, which arrives a few days after the sentence that sentenced to 15 years and 5 months in prison another boy better known in the chronicles as the “cannibal of Ventas”. The boy after strangling his mother who lived with him while he was preparing breakfast, dragged the body into his room to cut it into pieces with a saw and two kitchen knives. The purpose – wrote the Prosecutor’s Office – was to make the body disappear. But once torn apart, the accused occasionally ate the remains of the corpse of the woman.

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