The sheets at the Zara Home SPECIAL PRICES are perfect against the heat

The sheets at the Zara Home SPECIAL PRICES are perfect against the heat

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Zara home discounts the most desired sheets for the summer season and that you have to buy yes or yes before they run out. We teach you!

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Las sheets are an essential in any bedroom, but especially during the summer months. In addition to serving as protection for our mattress and providing us with comfort at bedtime, sheets are a key textile for keep us cool throughout the night. In the summer season, the heat and humidity can make sleeping more uncomfortable, thus interrupting our sleeping hours. The right sheets can help us regulate body temperature, absorb sweat, and keep us comfortable and cool throughout the night. In this sense, the choice of cool and breathable sheets it can make a world of difference during the heat of summer.

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Now that we are putting away the blankets and duvets, our bed looks more and more bare and it is essential, to keep a nice atmosphere in the bedroom, dress the bed so that it complements perfectly with the rest of the decoration of the room. And what better way to start than by choosing fresh and breathable sheets that also have a beautiful design. The choice of materials is key, since cotton or linen sheets they are highly recommended for the summer months due to their freshness and softness.

Discover the best keys to decorate the bedroom with style.

Ideas to decorate the bedroom

In addition to the material, it is also important to take into account the other elements to achieve the perfect combination. Opt for some cool and colorful sheets to give a cheerful and summery touch To the room. In this sense, Zara Home He knows what we want and has made it very easy for us. reducing its floral sheet set by 23% prettier. Whatever the size of your bed, you can get your own, since they are available in 5 sizes. You want to see them?

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Zara Home summer sheets for

Zara Home floral top sheet for summer. (REF. 2147/089)

Zara Home

Las Zara Home floral sheets They are ideal for decorating and comforting your bedroom during the summer season. It is a top sheet made of 200 thread count percale cotton which has a multi colored flower design It brings a touch of elegance and freshness to the room.

Choosing a 200 thread count percale cotton sheet not only guarantees the freshness and softness that we need in the summer months, but also offers a high durability and resistance to daily use. The multicolored floral design is a great option to add a touch of joy and freshness to any room, matching the decoration in a way elegant and harmonious. And with 5 sizes With different types of flat sheets available, there will surely be one that perfectly fits the dimensions of your mattress. From 90 cm bed by 19,99 € the 200 cm bed 45,99 €.

Zara Home floral cushion cover

Floral pillowcase from Zara Home. (REF. 2147/091)

Zara Home

Also, you can complete the look with pillow and cushion covers of the same pattern and same characteristics reduced up to 25%. It is a pillowcase made of 200 thread count percale cotton and with a multicolored floral design to match the sheets.

The percale cotton pillowcase is also a great option for summer, given its freshness. The pillowcase has a inner flap closure on one of the sides, which guarantees a perfect fit on the pillow and prevents it from slipping or shifting at night. In the measures of 45×110 cm and 45×155 cm (from €5.99)the pillowcase is made in tubewhich means that it does not have a flap, but it ensures a perfect and firm fit.

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Funda nórdica floral Zara Home

Floral Nordic Sling by Zara Home. (REF. 2147/088)

Zara Home

And if you prefer to keep this design throughout the year, Zara Home also offers a floral nordic sling matching discounted 21%. From 35,99 € for a bed of 90 cm to 59,99 € for a 200 cm bed. As it is made of 200 thread count percale cotton, you can use it even on warm nights, since this material ensures a cool and smooth surface while stylish and comfortable for your room.

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