The Shadowman comic will have a new video game for PlayStation, Xbox and PC

The Shadowman comic will have a new video game for PlayStation, Xbox and PC

The comic series Shadowman will be adapted to the video game again by the development studio Blowfish Games. This company is collaborating with Valiant Comics, the label that publishes this saga, to bring a completely original story in the form of an action adventure and visceral role. Being published by its entertainment arm, Visceral Entertainment, under the name of Shadowman: Darque Legacyalthough a release date has not yet been shared.

What we do know already is that when it comes out it will be available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One and PC (both through Steam and the Epic Games Store). We still haven’t been able to see Shadowman: Darque Legacy in action, but there has been a published primer teaser which confirms the dark tone of this adaptation. You can see it below:

From where Shadowman: Darque Legacy?

Shadowman: Darque Legacy promises to be an adventure visceral action with hints of role-playing. We face “a horrifying cast of enemies in combat” with a brutal and bloody combat system. There will also be moments for exploration and even for puzzles integrated into the environment in which we can use our ability to jump between the world of the living and the world of the dead to solve them. There will be bosses, atmospheric environments and an intriguing narrative.

Shadowman en Shadowman: Darque Legacy.

On this last point, Shadowman: Darque Legacy promises to offer a historia original of fast-paced narrative, fascinating characters and deep dialogue: “For centuries, the Boniface family has carried a dark legacy: the mantle of the Shadowman, walker between worlds, sworn to preserve the veil between life and death. Now, el novato Shadowman Jack Boniface finds himself caught in the path of a growing evil that threatens everything his predecessors fought for,” reads the official plot description for Shadowman: Darque Legacy.

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The comic series Shadowman It was already adapted to a video game in 1999 for Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Dreamcast and PC by Acclaim, with a sequel in 2002 exclusively for PS2. The original game can be enjoyed on current platforms since it was refinished in Shadow Man Remaster.

Shadowman: Darque Legacy Coming soon to PlayStation, Xbox and PC. Under these lines you can see a crowd with his first images.

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