The series “I don’t care who you are” was filmed in a house settled for demolition

“I don’t care who you are” is the name given to the new series on TNT, which premiered on January 10.

This is a story about overprotection, problems of children and parents and attempts to establish personal boundaries. And also about how sometimes it is not easy to get along with neighbors. This test can get even more difficult than the overprotective mom.

Starring young actors Denis Vlasenko and Varvara Feofanova, as well as Viktor Loginov, he is known to the viewer for his participation in the series “Happy Together”. talked with Denis and Varvara and found out what this series is remarkable for them, how the shooting went and what was left behind the scenes.

– Have you ever encountered overprotection?

Denis: It seems to me that no, because from childhood I remember myself as a fairly independent child. My parents listened to me. When I wanted to go to Moscow to study, they didn’t mind. It happened that I was not allowed to go to a school disco at the age of 12 or asked to return at 9 pm, but it seems to me that this is not overprotective.

Barbara: I do not think. I am the third child in the family, my parents approached my upbringing with great experience, raised me with great love, calmly perceived all my storms and outbursts.

Denis Vlasenko. Photo: TNT

– Have you had any experience of visiting a psychotherapist or psychologist? What can different generations teach the series “I don’t care who you are”?

Denis: I think this is a personal question, but my answer is no. As for the instructive part of the series, this is definitely a project for today’s youth.

The series will teach the adult generation to listen to children and give them more air. And the buzzers – to be open, courageous, to enjoy every day. Simple truths that we all know about, but for some reason sometimes forget.

Barbara: No, it wasn’t, because there wasn’t such a need yet. I didn’t even think about visiting a psychologist.

The series can teach you to accept yourself, your loved ones as we all are – with flaws, nuances …

Can help to relate to yourself adequately and with humor, with irony; and also with understanding to treat adults who have come a long way in life and have acquired many problems.

Varvara Feofanova
Varvara Feofanova. Photo:

– When was the pilot filmed? How long did it take to shoot?

Barbara: The pilot was filmed two years ago, in the fall of 2019, and the series itself was filmed in early fall 2020 and spring 2021. The process was very long, we have been waiting for the release of our series for a long time. Finally, wait!

– Where did you work?

Denis: The shot shows the same real apartment, this is not a pavilion. Every morning for three months we went to the shooting early and early in the morning. We filmed the psychologist’s office in the next doorway, so the entire series was filmed in one location.

Barbara: The main action takes place in Zhenya’s apartment. The viewer will also see Dasha’s apartment and Zhenya’s mother’s apartment.

It is noteworthy that all locations, including the psychologist’s office, were rented in one evicted house, which was being prepared for demolition. I don’t know what’s wrong with him now. Repairs in the apartments and all the decorations were done specifically for our series.

We spent a lot of time filming, we got very tired, and, in fact, I always wanted to go home to sleep. I think I was not alone.

During lunch, everyone went to their rooms in empty apartments to take a nap. We lay down everywhere, even on the windowsills. As in a pioneer camp!

A still from the TV series “I don’t care who you are.” Photo: TNT

– What, in your opinion, the series “I don’t care who you are” turned out?

Denis: Our show is 40 percent improvisation, which is why it is so honest, funny, lively.

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