The secret was revealed to the public.”.. the real reason behind the end of the life of “Naira,” a student from Mansoura, at the hands of her colleague

An eyewitness to the incident of ending the life of a Mansoura student at the hands of her colleague in front of the university campus revealed a surprise for the first time of a high caliber that reveals the real reason behind her murder in this hideous way.

Where the witness, “a colleague of the victim and the accused,” said: “Mohamed Adel is superior and he loved very bright and went crazy when she knew that she was a model and refused to marry him… .

A number of social media pioneers circulated a set of pictures of the mother of the student, Naira, who was killed by her colleague yesterday morning, Monday morning, and she is in a very bad condition while she is waiting for her daughter’s body to come out of the morgue.

Naira’s mother entered a fit of intense crying and collapse as soon as she received her body from the mortuary, and she kept hesitating: “I want to touch my daughter, why do you prevent me from seeing my daughter?”

And the cameras revealed that the student accused of taking his colleague’s life was waiting for her in front of the door that he expected her to reach to take the exam today, and he was driving a motorcycle, and not, as it was said, that he was riding a “microbus” with her.

The cameras also revealed that the victim, “Nayra”, got out of the car, and as soon as she headed to the university door to enter and take the exam, the accused took out the folds of his clothes, a white weapon, and stabbed her twice and then slaughtered her, causing panic and panic to all those in the place.

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