The secret ingredient to get a creamier zucchini cream

We have already told you that there are foods that help us sleep better and not gain weight at night, when the metabolism slows down because the body prepares for rest, and one of them is vegetables that we can present in the form of a cream, as in this recipe for zucchini and mint cream, very aromatic. But If we want to do without dairy to give it creaminess, we can use a vegan trick which is very good and with which we will get a creamier zucchini cream.

How to get a creamier (and vegan) zucchini cream

It may seem crazy to you, or something nonsense, but we are not going to tell you to add cheese to your cream, or cream, or butter, or anything like that. There is something that will give your zucchini cream a very special flavor and that will give it a unique creaminess, also making the recipe vegan, without any type of ingredient of animal origin. Is about cashews, a dry fruit that is used for much more that to put it as an aperitif.


To add it to the cream the cashews, we will have to soak them for 12 hours in water (approximately one cup of cashews for every three zucchini), and saute them with the vegetables before adding the vegetable broth. This step will be the key to getting a much creamier and vegan zucchini cream or any other vegetable.

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