The secret behind Abdel Halim Hafez’s escape from the house and his washing with the Sparto solution after he carried out a scene with Sabah in the water!! (what happened shocked everyone)

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The late artist Abdel Halim Hafez has many secrets and situations that have puzzled his fans and fans.

Among those situations was what happened between him and Shahroura Sabah after a scene of him with her in the water.

Nightingale Abdel Halim Hafez was known for his old animosity between swimming in any water after suffering from schistosomiasis in his childhood, so he became very afraid of water and swimming.

But his work in the cinema forced him on one occasion to go to the water, as happened during the filming of the movie Street of Love, starring Shahroura Sabah, Hussein Riad, Abdel Salam al-Nabulsi and others.

In one of the scenes, Abdel Halim Hafez Sabah was supposed to save Sabah from drowning in the scene in which she jumped into the water with the intention of committing suicide during the events of the film.

Director Ezz El-Din Zulficar asked Abdel Halim to climb on the tree and from it jump into the Nile waters to save Sabah, but Nightingale asked him to use an alternative for him in this scene, but he insisted that he implement it himself.

Indeed, Nightingale began executing the scene, but soon felt disgust, aversion and fear of water and ran out quickly, causing Sabah’s anger, saying to him: “I am wrong because I am working in one of your films, it was my money and the money of this calamity.”

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Nightingale laughed and explained the situation to her that he had schistosomiasis and was afraid of water because it might cause the activity of germs in his body. Shit after his scene with her.



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