“The Russians bomb a school in Luhansk”, two dead and 60 missing (video)

The village of “Bilogorivka suffered an airstrike. The bombs hit the school and unfortunately it was completely destroyed,” the governor said on his Telegram account. “There were a total of 90 people. 27 were saved,” he added.

“Sixty people who were in the school are most likely dead,” he said, adding that the temperature had been very high at the site after the explosion caused by the bomb.

“It was impossible during the night for the emergency services to work there due to strikes. They would have had to light up the site, which would have attracted further bombardment,” the official explained.

“Now the rescue services are working and also went to the nearby village of Chepilivka where a shell hit a house in which 11 people were.

“There is a greater chance that people survived there,” the governor said, explaining that the people were in a basement and that it was an artillery fire and not a bomb dropped by an airplane.



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