Måneskin released the video for I Wanna Be Your Slave last night at 19. After a few hours it already counted 2 million views. At the time of writing these lines it has well exceeded 5 million and it is easy to predict that the views will increase exponentially.

If on Facebook the video was greeted by the usual squabbles of adverse fans, on the one hand the “grandiose!”, On the other the “eh, but Iggy Pop is another thing”, on YouTube the comments are more fun and international , with a surprising presence of Russian fans. It’s a kind of digital flash mob to convince the group to go play in their country.

It is also an interesting fact because in the video there is openly bisexual behavior and in Russia in 2013 a law was enacted with the aim of prohibiting the dissemination to minors of information on homosexuals, trans and bisexuals, known in the rest of the world as the anti- gay.

We have collected the funniest comments, especially (but not only) those from Russian and Ukrainian fans.

American Horror Story a Natale

«I was waiting for this video as children expect Santa Claus on December 25th».

“It’s like American Horror Story and fuck if I like it.”

«The best glam rock group of our day».

“I showed the video to a Haribo gummy bear. Now he’s become a real bear. ‘

“No wonder they’re a Gen Z group – that’s why the video is so open-minded.”

“People who don’t like it obviously have Covid: they have no taste.”

“I’m Greek, but I’m proud to be Italian.”

“This year Italy wins everything.”

«They had to go to Mattarella».

“After seeing this video I bought a plane ticket to Italy”.

The triumph of bisexuality

“I don’t even try to defend my heterosexuality.”

“Do you know anyone who is undecided whether he is gay or bi? Show him the Måneskins and he will quickly dispel the doubt. Never been so sure of my bisexuality before. “

“This is probably the most bisexual thing ever created.”

“I’m confused about my bisexuality between Victoria and Damiano / Ethan, help me decide.”

“I would never let a man spit in my mouth. Victoria De Angelis, on the other hand, can do it ».

“My friends: you are so innocent. The music I listen to: I want to be your slave ».

“My bisexual heart is on a roller coaster.”

“Few artists in the world manage to talk about sex and represent it without being vulgar and Måneskin have always been able to do that. This video is pure erotic art, it’s transgressive enough to be provocative, but it never actually becomes pornographic. And the 70s aesthetic is EVERYTHING. Continue like this, beautiful children because you are unique and rare, proud of you ».

Boomers and sticks

«Matthew 5, 27-28: You have heard that it was said: do not commit adultery; but I tell you: whoever looks at a woman to desire her, has already committed adultery with her in his heart ».

“I started looking at this masterpiece that was raining. When I finished watching it, it stopped raining. If there are no gods, what are they? Checkmate, atheists! ».

“0:08 Vic licks the apple with razor blades. 0:49 Shows the tongue clipped with the word “sin”. What an intelligent biblical reference! ».

“That’s what a boomer heart attack is like.”

Russia loves Italia

“Here in Italian comments are harder to find than my heterosexuality.”

«Band: Italian. Name: Danish. Song: English. Comments: Russians ».

“I thought my YouTube had translated the comments into Russian, and instead.”

“After that, the Måneskins will have to hire a Russian interpreter.”

“I started studying Italian to understand Måneskin’s texts, now I think I have to learn Russian to understand these comments.”

«Russia: incredibly homophobic country, spirituality, scrapings, burn everyone. But also Russia: Måneskin are the number 1 group this year ».

“I hear Måneskin songs coming out of the windows of passing cars and in shopping malls. The level of Russian love for the Måneskin is out of control. ‘

“I think that the guys, reading the comments, will understand which is the first country where they should go to play.”

“You guys are a breath of fresh air. Come to Russia! Siete una ventata d’aria fresca. Vieni in Russia !! 🇮🇹🇷🇺 “.

“I’m Italian, but I feel more comfortable commenting in Russian.”