The Russians are developing a strain of chicken that lays eggs with a flu vaccine

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A team of Russian scientists succeeded in developing a new breed of chicken that produces eggs suitable for the production of influenza vaccines and various veterinary medicines.

These eggs are characterized by the presence of a large amount of a special fluid, in which the vaccine virus can multiply. Even in the absence of immunity would kill pathogens.

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As a result of their research, the specialists were able to use chicken eggs to prepare vaccines against two common strains of human influenza virus and against diseases of farm animals. Also, new chickens of this breed are frost-resistant and do not develop leukemia, which is usually dangerous for many birds.

The newspaper said that the new breed of chicken is called the “Russian Snow Chicken”, adding that this breed was bred on the basis of the “Russian White Chicken”, known since the times of the Soviet Union. It became popular as a common egg-laying breed, both consumed in Russia and sold.

The head of the Russian “Rosputrip Nadzor” (Control of Citizens’ Consumer Rights), Anna Popova, had announced earlier the start of the all-Russian influenza vaccination campaign. On 2 September, influenza conditions in the country were assessed as stable, however, cases of H3N2 influenza were recorded in some Russian regions.

Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda


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