The Roys of 'Succession' are the new Lannisters: This is how the best HBO Max series connects with 'Game of Thrones'

The Roys of 'Succession' are the new Lannisters: This is how the best HBO Max series connects with 'Game of Thrones'

    It is time to compare two of the most important families of contemporary television since, despite many details that separate them, The Roys from ‘Succession’ are the new Lannisters from ‘Game of Thrones’. Everything stays on HBO Max!

    We are going to play it with this comparison, the hatred that the great successes of popular culture arouse is only comparable to the zeal that the acolytes of these titles defend their purity, but what we are playing in this review is find the similarities between some of the main characters of two of the best series in history.

    The central plot of ‘Game of Thrones’ focuses on the wars for the Iron Throne and the conflicts between noble families of a land in which, although in small doses, fantasies make their way. Dragons, white walkers and other prodigies are approaching a capital where the most powerful characters are pulling their hair out (and the highest windows).

    On the other hand, in ‘Succession’ we meet the Roy family, owner of a gigantic media conglomerate. Their conflicts and struggles for the imminent succession to the main position have been facing their characters for four seasons, leaders of a corrupt world for which they are directly responsible.

    The epic and fantastic approach of ‘Game of Thrones’ could mislead us before the realism of ‘Succession’, but there are many unions between these two audiovisual jewels, including the brilliant production that places them among the best series on HBO Max in Spain. Complex characters, big surprises and a plot development that makes it impossible to discover the limits of its protagonists, willing to do anything to get what they want.. Although they belong to completely different worlds, these two clans have a lot in common, are the Roys the Lannisters in skyscrapers?

    The Lannisters are known for their wealth and power in all seven kingdoms. Led by Tywin, an ambitious and cunning man who will do whatever it takes to maintain his position, many of his problems stem from his own last name and the dysfunctional relationships between them. Ambition, cruelty, incest… anything is possible when power guides your steps.

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    The Roys, in their own way, are just as powerful and wealthy. The empire commanded by Logan, the patriarch, impregnates with its insidious threads a large part of the estates that govern society (the important ones at least). They will do whatever it takes to maintain control of the empire while, each on their own, ensuring their permanence in the Waystar Royco.. Kendall, the eldest son, fights for his father’s approval and the chance to succeed him. Shiv, his sister, desperately wants to be recognized by Logan and secure the position she deserves. Roman, the younger brother, hides his insecurity with a way of being… peculiar.

    Logan Roy es Tywin Lannister

    Logan and Tywin are the most powerful and influential characters in their respective series. Leaders of their families, they are cunning and will do anything to maintain control over their empires. They make momentous decisions without consulting their own, proud of their coldness and calculating personality.

    With all that being said, Brian Cox himself thinks Logan Roy is stupid, and we’re not going to disagree with him…

    Kendall Roy es Cersei Lannister

    Kendall and Cersei are two of the most intriguing and complex characters. Both, as sons of the patriarchs of their families, are immersed in the struggle for power and control and are the ones who have suffered the most drastic changes in their luck, being at the top and bottom on different occasions.

    Ambitious and cunning (though not as cunning as they themselves think), they share a defiant attitude towards authority, and are willing to take on anyone who gets in their way. These 10 lessons from Cersei Lannister can convince those of us who don’t believe us.

    Roman Roy es Tyrion Lannister

    Roman and Tyrion like cancaneo. Sons of powerful families who, from the outset, did not expect to have a fundamental role and limited themselves to enjoying their privileges, they presented themselves as impulsive and hedonistic, the classic black sheep.

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    With a biting wit and natural intelligence, they have ended up being a great help when it comes to avoiding tricky situations. We remember the Best Tyrion Lannister Phrases for those who need to have a good time.

    Shiv Roy es Jaime Lannister

    In a terribly dark cast of characters, Shiv and Jaime come the closest to gray. Ambitious like everyone around them, both have a certain empathic background that, although it does not prevent them from behaving like true villains, does force them to feel responsible for their actions, as our defense of Jaime Lannister (and unconditional love) demonstrates.

    More aware of their qualities and limitations than the rest, they end up becoming characters closer to the world around them or, at least, more scrupulous when it comes to acting.

    Connor Roy es Sansa Stark

    Have faith, Connor and Sansa are more alike than they first appear, especially if we focus on the early version of young Stark, when all she cared about was maintaining the fantasy her birth heritage had bestowed on her despite For her world to crumble in front of her.

    Marginalized by their family due to their behavior, removed from the dark role of their brothers, the ingenuity with which they approach their position in society make both of them a caricature in a world on fire.

    In the same way that Sansa ended up waking up, Connor’s monologue in the karaoke scene of ‘Succession’ 4×02 makes us think that there is life under that casing.

    Tom Wambsgans as Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish

    Tom and Littlefinger are capable of anything to achieve power and wealth, but the rest of the world doesn’t quite take them seriously. Cunning makes Petyr a more dangerous fellow, but Tom’s few qualms about becoming a social leech makes him capable of the dirtiest of tricks. Let’s remember that one theory states that Littlefinger gave rise to Robert’s Rebellion.

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    Among his main weapons is a superhuman ability to select the weakest and have them become his subjects. They are nobody, but there they are.

    Greg Hirsch es Theon Greyjoy

    Greg and Theon are seen as outcasts within their respective families, minor characters who, perhaps for this reason, have an easier time than others to go unnoticed and do mischief.

    Strangers among their own, the disrespect to which they are subjected only hardens their characters, learning from the worst to become distorted replicas of all the evil that surrounds them, as demonstrated in the worst scene of ‘Game of Thrones’, according to its creators.

    Gerri Kellman isLord Varys

    Manipulative and cunning, Gerri and Lord Varys work behind the scenes, proud protectors of their lords and helpful advisers who, at any moment, may be sentenced.

    Therefore, the only weak point of their loyalty is that area that both reserve for personal survival, which forces them to always maintain an image of calm in the face of the storm, maintaining their composure in tense situations to never show their true intentions.

    They won’t star in the best scenes from ‘Game of Thrones’ or ‘Succession’, but they will certainly be there when they happen.

    Powerful women removed from the main action, Marcia and Melisandre have more strength and presence in the central stories than the leads would ever admit.

    Influential enough to change the course of the plans of the great families, the two play to underline their actions with magnetic mystery. The enigmatic aura that surrounds them will allow them to act without being seen until it is too late, as we already underlined when we talked about Melisandre’s secret.

    Son of Spielberg, acolyte of Lynch and lookalikes of Shinji Ikari.

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