The romantic song that Jennifer Lopez wrote and dedicated to Ben Affleck

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are the couple of the moment, proof that second chances do work. They married in 2022 with a secret ceremony accompanied by friends and closest family in Las Vegas, Nevada; however, 17 years before they starred in one of the most mediatic and affectionate romances of the American show.

They were both young, successful and with a long career ahead of them. They loved each other but being public figures and having the press always behind them ended the relationship. They followed different paths, both got married, had children with other couples and continued to be successful in their careers, Jlo in music and Ben Affleck on the performance.

But many years later, after Jlo’s breakup with Alex Rodríguez, they decided to resume the relationship that never really ended at all. They are writing the second chapter of their story now much more mature and with children, but the connection remains the same as at the beginning of the decade when they were admired and envied.

They took every opportunity to show their feelings: events, dinners, trips and even songs in common, like the one that Jennifer López dedicated to her beloved actor boyfriend in 2002.

They met in 2001 during the filming of the movie “Gigli”. Some time later they confirmed their courtship and became the couple of the moment. Jlo wanted to shout from the rooftops what he felt for the actor and wrote him the song “Dear Ben” released in November 2002 as part of the album “This Is Me… Then”.

It is a beautiful and very tender piece where all her feelings are clearly reflected. She caused the excitement of her boyfriend and of course his followers. The following year they had plans to reach the altar but they could not with the media pressure and in 2004 they ended their relationship.

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Now they have resumed their courtship many years later and their dream has already come true: they became husband and wife in a typical chapel in Las Vegas.

Watch the video for “Dear Ben”, the song that Jlo dedicated to Ben Affleck



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