Amid concern about the increase in coronavirus cases and the arrival of the Delta variant, the creators of the Conicet AtomProtect chinstrap warned this Wednesday – the day that Argentina exceeded 100,000 deaths from the pandemic – about a very common mistake in daily care: the use of double chinstrap.

“Do you use a surgical mask together with your AtomProtect mask?” They asked in the official Twitter account of the star mask in Argentina. to which they alerted in a convincing way: “Do not do it!”.

“To do its job properly, the AtomProtect mask IT MUST NOT BE OBSTRUCTED BY ANOTHER MASK”, They explained next.

Atom Protect’s warning for good use of your chinstrap. (Photo: Twitter).

“The green inner layer contains sanitizers with silver ions that kill bacteria and fungi when they come into contact with the fabric. If a common chinstrap is placed underneath, fungi and bacteria grow on this mask and AtomProtect cannot eliminate them ”, they expanded and clarified that it applies to all their models: the original, the black and the N95.

Then, the creators of the chinstrap explained that “the outer layer, purple or black, contains copper ions that eliminate viruses (such as COVID-19) when they come into contact with it” and that “if a common chinstrap is placed over it, viruses remain in it and the AtomProtect mask can’t remove them either. “

Copies appeared: how to know if the chinstraps are trouts

The success of this development by Conicet, the National University of San Martin (UNSAM) and the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) was such that trout versions appeared on the market. To recognize them, they recommend looking carefully at some aspects.

  • The size, crease, and texture are different from the originals. In some cases, they sell them in colors other than lilac or black. In addition, they are delivered without the factory transparent packaging.
  • The elastics are thicker, like those sold in haberdasheries, different from the thin band of the original version.
  • The counterfeits are usually much more expensive than the originals: At the Kovi-certified virtual store, the ten-unit pack costs $ 4,390. On the other hand, the trout are around -for the same number of units- the $ 8,500.

Effectiveness of the Conicet chinstrap

According to its creators, Atom Protect has a filtering capacity for dust and droplets of more than 97%. In addition, it contains four layers of protection: an external semi-waterproofing that slows the entry of microdroplets; a second layer of woven fabric from cotton polyester with the same antiviral active ingredients as the first chinstrap model; a third physical filter made of non-woven fabric with a filtering capacity, certified by Nelson Labs (a leading supplier of laboratory testing located in the United States), 97.1% for powders starting at 0.1 µm (microns) and 99.9% for aqueous sodium chloride sprays (this last measurement, carried out by the developer team); and finally a layer of polyester cotton woven fabric with active ingredients bactericides Y fungicides.