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Mate Rimac, founder and CEO of Rimac Automobili, has tested and subsequently released the performance of his Rimac Fridge power in one of the fastest chargers in Europe, a high-power Ionity charging point that they promise can deliver peak powers of up to 350 kW.

The Rimac Nevera is one of the most technologically advanced electric cars on the market, and proof of this is that its electrical system is capable of supporting loads of up to 500 kW of power, this being the most revealing data of the entire technical sheet of the Refrigerator.

To put the Refrigerator’s 500 kW of charging power into context, today only a few electric cars can far exceed 200 kW. Two of them are Porsche Taycan and Audi e-tron GT, which thanks to the 800 V nominal voltage of its electrical system are capable of reaching loads of up to 270 kW of power. The Tesla Model Y it stays slightly under the mark of the Germans with its 250 kW of power.

Rimac Electric refrigerator.

Also they Ioniq 5 y KIA EV6 of the Hyundai Motors group are among the electric cars that achieve the highest charging power, with 270 kW (although according to their manufacturers they may reach up to 350 kW in the future in their most powerful versions). This is thanks to the advanced e-GMP platform, also supported by an electrical system that works at 800 V.

These models, therefore, put the ceiling in terms of charging powers in Europe, and according to the figures that achieve the fastest charging points of Ionity, the 350 kW of power advertised by the network are more than enough for the bulk of electric cars that roll across our continent, but not for the Rimac Fridge.

The Croatian electric sports car has managed to put the charging point that Mate Rimac attended in trouble, because although according to Rimac the Refrigerator can reach powers of up to 500 kW, the load that the Croatian shared did not culminate with the 350 kW of power that theoretically they can reach Ionity’s fast charging points, but instead lat peak power it remained at a more measured 311 kW that during a certain part of the load they helped it to last 21 minutes to complete 80%.

However, despite not approaching the figure that this point of Ionity promises, it should be noted that the 311 kW achieved is an extremely high figure.


Photographs shared by Mate Rimac on his Facebook profile with the peak power achieved (311 kW) and the power when reaching 80% of the state of charge (when it decreases).

The CEO of Rimac commented in the post in which he shared photographs of the recharge: “The Refrigerator charging at more than 300 kW in a public fast charging station in Croatia (Ionity). The car will be able to assume 500 kW once the stations load catch up. From 0 to 80% in 21 minutes in the real world. Now to wait for 500 kW … “.




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