The rights and safety of the most prominent patients.. 4 functions of the National Mental Health Board

The Mental Health Care Act stipulates that a National Mental Health Council shall be established in the Ministry of Health, and regional mental health councils may be established in the governorates under the supervision of the National Mental Health Council.

Functions of the Board

The National Mental Health Board is responsible for supervising and controlling the regional mental health boards, and following up on the implementation of the provisions of this law in mental health facilities, and it has, in particular:

1- Establish policies that ensure respect for the rights and safety of mental patients, as well as the publication of periodic reports on its work in accordance with what is specified in the executive regulations of this law.

2- Monitoring the conditions of admission, detention and treatment of mental patients and ensuring that they enjoy the guarantees and rights stipulated in this law.

3- Decision on grievances against the decisions of the regional councils for mental health.

4- Establishing criteria for the license issued by the Ministry of Health and Population to manage and operate the facilities as set out in Article (2) of this Act, and to renew or cancel them.

The board will have a technical committee of specialized doctors to review patients’ records when necessary, in accordance with what is included in the executive regulations of this law.

The council exercises the powers of the regional council for mental health as set out in items (4) to (7) of Article (9) of this law in the governorates where a regional council for mental health has not been constituted. (1)

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